4 Survival Mottos to Live By
There are certain mottos that speak directly to the preparedness mindset. These short sayings encompass everything that you stand for. You want to keep your family safe in emergencies and do everything you can to prepare. You can stock up on survival food and get all the right gear. Here are 4 quotes that can help guide you for the preparedness journey.

There are a few mottos that speak to the preparedness mindset. They sum up what it means to be ready for emergencies. Whenever you are thinking about the next step, remember these mantras. They can point you in the right direction. They will help you make the best choice to keep your family safe. This might mean having the right mini generator and emergency food. Here are 4 sayings to live by as you prepare for emergencies.

"Repair the Roof While the Sun Is Shining"

This quote was said by John F. Kennedy during his 1962 State of the Union Address. It perfectly captures a prepping mindset. Once the blizzard hits, it is already too late. If the power goes out, there isn't much more you can do to prepare afterward. The best time to organize your solution is while the sun is shining. Get all the survival food kits you need now, so you have food during an emergency. Find the perfect solar generator so you have a power source when the lights go out. If you repair the roof while the sun is shining, you don't have to fix it during the rain. Do the work today and thank yourself tomorrow.

"You Never Have Trouble If You Are Prepared for It"

This quote comes from another president of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt said this, and every preparedness expert should take it to heart. Trouble doesn't have to happen in an emergency. If you are prepared for different disasters, you can avoid unexpected problems. Prepare to stay connected by having a solar powered radio. Plan ahead with food bars that stay good for up to 5 years. Think of the problems that might pop up so you can be ready to face them.

"When the Well Is Dry, We Know the Worth of Water"

You don't know what you have until it's gone. That is a summary of this quote from Benjamin Franklin. This is what can happen in emergency scenarios. You lose access to power or food, and you don't realize what you were missing until you experience it. By preparing with the right gear, you can have access to some of life's most important necessities. Solar panel generators can give you power when you've lost it. Survival food kits can be an essential source of supplemental energy. Even a solar powered radio can give you access to important information you didn't know you would miss.

"If I Had 8 Hours to Chop Down a Tree, I'd Spend 6 Sharpening My Axe"

This is the ideal preparation attitude. When you are looking to keep your family safe, you should spend most of your time preparing. This saying is attributed to Abraham Lincoln. For the preparedness enthusiasts, it rings true. The more time you put in before an emergency, the better equipped you will be. Spend time finding the best and tastiest food kits. Practice using your water filters and solar flashlights. When the time comes to use your gear, you will thank yourself. These mantras are ones you should always keep in mind.

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