How to Correctly Write Perfect Blog Posts for Your Website Today.
Here a Good Guide on How to Write Really Good Blog Posts For Your Niche Websites and having Success with SEO.

What Kind of Method is Effective for Your Niche Website?

Writing excellent posts today, with the new algorithmic updates from google, is no longer very easy.

But with a good knowledge of the subject you are going to discuss it is generally feasible for any person who has enough familiarity with the language and professional writing.


In this Guide, we will Discuss some tips to follow as to create Perfect Blog Posts for Your Exclusive Website.

Let's get Started!

Think of a topic

You should know that there is no way to create good content for your blog unless you have a plan. Now, don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you need to write an essay before you start!


But do make a goal of how much time you want to spend writing each week. It helps keep yourself motivated.

Also make a goal of how many posts you want to write per month. Say you set a weekly posting target; if you go beyond this mark, then consider expanding your focus more widely.

Maybe you want to write several articles in advance so they can cover new topics.

Or maybe you want to write a lot of recipes so you’ll have less work at home.

Don’t overshoot your goals (e.g. try to write five article ideas when you only have two days worth of material).

And remember that your goals are relevant whether or not you actually publish any content.


Outline the post

what is a skycraper blog post?

Next, write an outline for your post.

Think about what you want to accomplish with each part of your post.

Your introduction should have a clear focus as well.

*For example, if you’re writing a recipe, choose a specific ingredient that you plan to use in the recipe. Your conclusion will need to give detailed information so people can find their way back to your website after they finish reading it!

Next, go through your research and make sure you know why you think this is a good topic to cover. This first draft may take some time, but don’t worry too much about perfection; getting all the facts correct takes second place to being credible and organized.

Write the post

what is a skycraper blog post?

With a skycraper blog post, you’ll write about something people already want to read about. You can make your topic more interesting by adding a unique spin to it.

For example, instead of just telling readers how cool skyscrapers are, why not write a story about an unusual building or maybe even a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a skyscraper. The trick is to find some really good stories and put them together in a way that makes sense as a stand-alone article.

*You also need to know your topic inside and out before writing this piece because you don’t want to confuse your reader.

Finally, keep copying and pasting information from your original blog post until you have a full draft written. Once that’s finished, you can delete your initial blog post.

Plan the post

The skywriter (skycrapper) is the person who writes posts in this style, referring to the shorter length of the content.

This writer hides their identity using one or more hooks (olives), which are usually but not always placed at the end of the hookline.

The goal is to make the reader want to continue reading after clicking through to get to the full article.

*You’ll also need to have an interesting lead first because people will want to know what it means.

That way they can decide if it’s worth their time to read the rest of the article. A lot of times writers fail with this method because they fall back on usual techniques like telling stories en masse.

You don’t really have to do that.

Give them a clue and trick them into thinking you’re going to tell something funny or surprising, but instead you’re going to blow their mind by putting out a simple phrase that’s meant to mislead them about the actual meaning of the sentence.

By doing that, you create confusion in your readers as to whether or not you actually put effort into writing the piece or if you were trying to cut costs by having cheap labor write gibberish. It makes them unsure of how much care was taken in producing the content segment on the whole.

Publish the post

what is a skycraper blog post?

There are several ways to publish your article or page


Link to the post

The easiest way: by hyperlinking a page to your website.

Tell your friends with a Skyblog Post

what is a skycraper blog post?

One of the most popular types of posts on Inforum is the skyblog post.

Maybe it’s because they can easily be created using their smartphone, or maybe it’s because the topic allows for storytelling and incorporates user input.

Either way, tell your friends about your skyblog post!

They may want to contribute content for you to use in your post.

But don’t worry too much about formatting or accuracy–it is not required that users’ information go above an introduction line, as long as it makes sense for the reader.

All text has an audience; if you are trying to convince someone of something, you have to take into account what they might believe.

Using statistics, research shows that readers spend less time reading texts than writing ones.

This means that any argument or claim you make should be backed up by fact or data.

If you are including references and stats, do so briefly and clearly. When it comes to evidence-based editing, there are many resources available to help you.

Google Scholar provides a variety of academic research articles as well as books, chapters and other materials related to your chosen field.

There are also various online tools to help with SEO (search engine optimization). If you are knowledgeable in the subject, try hiring someone else to work on your website design and marketing.

Review your blog

what is a skycraper blog post?

Are you doing enough to increase traffic to your website from other sources like social media, advertising or referrals?

If not, then maybe it’s time to create a skycraper blog post!

*A skycraper blog post is when you get creative and use only tools that cost money to make something work. It can be social media content, marketing materials, referral programs or anything else that works for you.

By creating these types of posts, people are able to discover your business through different channels. For example, you may have an amazing customer service team standing by ready to help customers. A skycraper blog post might lead people to check out their product/service.

Or you may advertise a special sale price set aside for pre-existing clients which leads to inquiries and transactions.

Add a podcast

what is a skycraper blog post?

Podcasts are radio programs that are made online.

Once you start listening, you will love them! Many are free. You can subscribe to audio versions of blogs or news websites. Most have video podcasts as well as audio versions.

There are many popular shows for all types of audiences. If you like talking with friends about movies, TV, music, comics, sports, etc., then a podcast should be right up your alley.

Many of these shows have regular hosts who usually rotate hosting every week. They’ll sometimes interview people they know, bloggers, writers, filmmakers, etc.


These are great ways to connect with other people in the media/movie industry and get advice on things going on in your area. It also is a way educate yourself on what’s trending at any given moment.


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