HRTech Interview with Matt Goebel, Founder of Woven
Simple tools that addresses deficiencies and help scale organizations is a must. Learn how Woven has provided such an all-in-one platform.

Please share a few words about yourself and your journey as the Founder of Woven.

The inspiration for Woven was born from the decade I spent consulting and developing software for franchisors and franchisees. During that time, my wife and I became multi-unit franchisees and lived through the struggles of scaling to multiple locations. The franchise industry, in particular, has been impacted by high levels of burnout and turnover due to the difficulties of running multiple locations amid a constantly changing workforce and volatile economy.

After developing an early version of Woven for our franchise business, other franchisees within the same brand started to request and use the platform for their businesses, indicating a gap in the market.

Can you tell us more about your company’s approach to building smarter workflows, and how it differs from traditional workflow management solutions?

Woven has two primary differentiators: customer success is our north star, and we provide a single app to manage people, operations, and facilities.

Tech companies often fail to understand the unique needs of the franchising industry, where a human touch is critical to the product’s success. The SaaS market tends to reward high growth, often creating ecosystems that prioritize getting people through the door and over-delivering on the value promised during the sales cycle.

The franchise industry operates at a frenetic pace with high turnover rates, and the labor shortage and economic challenges have only exacerbated the problem. While other software solutions offer minimal support, franchises require a partner that provides additional time to help them adapt their processes and change their behavior. Without this, technology implementation can lead to failure to launch and churn, resulting in wasted money and no added value. By prioritizing the human side of the industry and providing transformational solutions and individualized support, Woven has achieved customer loyalty and success.

At Woven, we have firsthand experience with multi-location management and operations, so we know how important it is to remove barriers between business systems. By replacing siloed apps and implementing a partnership model with our customers, we can provide and implement all the technology needed to run day-to-day franchise operations in one location.

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