Taiwan Has Shot Down a Drone Near China's Coast for The First Time.
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Taiwan Has Shot Down a Drone Near China's Coast for The First Time.

Taiwan has shot down a drone near the Chinese coast after it entered its airspace for the first time. Taiwan's military confirmed this information in a statement. The drone was shot down on Thursday (August 31) after warnings of strict action against such intrusions. News Al Jazeera.

In a statement, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said a drone entered the airspace near Kinmen Island on Thursday afternoon. It was shot down. A close watch is being kept to ensure the security of the area. Kinmen Island, located near the Chinese mainland, is under the control of Taiwan. The Taiwanese army has a strong base there. As a result, its position is very important from a strategic point of view.

According to analysts, Taipei would receive an advance warning from Kinmen Island of Chinese troop movements if it were to attack Taiwan across the sea. Therefore, in the event of a war, Chinese forces will want to occupy the island first.


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China claims the island as its separatist province despite strong objections from Taiwan's government. Following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan earlier last month, China has conducted large-scale military exercises around the island. Taiwan has claimed that China has practiced attack in these exercises.

Taiwan has said it will not take steps to provoke or escalate tensions. But the island has been reacting angrily to regular incursions by Chinese drones. However, China has been denying these accusations of Taiwan.

Taiwan's Defense Ministry said in a statement that the drone had entered its reserved airspace over the tiny island of Leong. Troops deployed on the island tried to alert the drone but there was no response. As a result, it was shot down. Its ruins fell into the sea.

Earlier last Tuesday (August 30), warning shots were fired at a drone.


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