Perhaps, like many other women, you believe that your eyelashes have a significant role in how you seem. Indeed, they are. However, not every woman is blessed with lovely, long eyelashes.

If you wear artificial eyelashes frequently, you should be aware of the negative side effects. Always keep in mind that looking good with cosmetics comes second to your health. 

The following are some negative consequences of using false eyelashes:




The most popular tool for applying fake eyelashes to your lids is this one. Your eyes might be harmed by glue and experience allergy reactions. Additionally, it could include potent chemicals that harm and irritate your skin or eyes. Additionally, taking them off runs the risk of unintentionally damaging the hair follicles on your natural eyelashes by plucking them. To avoid using glue you can go for magnetic eyelashes. You should check hawtlash for the best magnetic fake eyelashes, just draw the eyeliner and bring your magnetic eyelashes near to it. They have various options of lashes to up your beauty game in the most convenient and healthier way possible. 


Dirt and bacteria


In all honesty, wearing artificial eyelashes is not the most sanitary fashion choice. One of your body's most delicate organs is where they often gather dirt and germs. An eye infection brought on by dirt and gems may worsen health and vision issues. 

Your actual eyelashes’ major purpose is to shield your eyes from dust, perspiration, and other environmental factors. Fake lashes can prevent actual lashes from completing their job because of their amount of absorption. Remember that they eventually cause your follicles to weaken. Cons frequently, your eyes are protected by weaker, thinner lashes. 

You can avoid using glue and try to maintain hygiene to prevent you to catch any eye infection or serious injury. 




Your eyes became more sensitive and prone to injury after they have had significant irritation or allergic reaction damage. If you lose your natural eyelashes, your eyes won’t be protected and you’ll probably require medical attention. We don’t want to terrify you; instead, we want to provide useful knowledge so you can understand the potential adverse effect and figure out how to prevent them.  

If you have any kind of injury or infection then you should completely avoid using any kind of lashes or extensions cause your health comes first. Don’t fall for cheaper and low-quality used material-made false lashes better pick the lashes which are safe and non-harmful for eye health. You can check out hawtlash fake lashes this is an Indian brand that provides fake lashes that can give you flattery eyes. 


Healthier alternatives


Have you heard about 3D lashes or lash expanding fibres, a more wholesome and practical technique to get the wide-eyes look? 


Sometimes people choose to disregard the negative effects of using artificial eyelashes or cosmetics in general and are therefore somewhat caught off guard. Always be aware of the proper application of beauty-enhancing cosmetics and any potential problems. In terms of eyelashes, we advise looking for other options to obtain longer, heavier, and thicker lashes.