Types of power plant Handling systems and equipment
The handling system of any power plant depends on its nature and capacity. Whether it is
Nuclear, Hydro, Thermal power plants. In any machine, using the right equipment in the right
manner gives the best result. The handling system installed in a thermal power plant is more
comprehensive as it should be adapted for handling large quantities of coal and ash produced.
Equipment plays an essential role in Power plants.

There are several Power plant equipment

suppliers in India providing types of equipment such as Ash Handling spares, Boiler, Fuel

Handling spares, Hardware items, etc. These are the core equipment for a power plant. Here we

are going to see the types of Handling systems and their equipment. 

Ash Handling System:

In a thermal power plant, an Ash handling system is used for collecting and eliminating

discharged ash. About 80% of the ash produced at a thermal power plant station is fly ash and

the other 20% is bottom ash. There are three types of Ash handling systems as Hydraulic system,

Pneumatic system and Mechanical System Over the past 15-20 years, there is a worldwide trend

to use dense phase pneumatic conveying for the collection and handling of fly ash in the power

plant for various environmental, economic and product benefits. Coal ash has been used by

several industries according to its necessity. Ash handling system spares are


 Electrostatic Precipitator

 Jet Pump

 Transfer Bin

 Clinker Grinder or crusher

 Clinker Cooling Conveyor

 Slurry Pump

 Dewatering Bin

 Dry Bottom Ash Conveyor

 Feed/ Discharge/ Sluice Gate

 Transfer Bin

 Dry Bottom Ash System

 Storage Bin

Fuel Handling System:

Fuel handling system supports plant operation. It is one of the major components of the power

plant and it is important to preserve power plant health and life expectancy. Most of the power

plants use coal as fuel. This handling system is widely used in coal/ fuel based thermal power

plants to transfer coal from the railcar hopping using belt conveyors, trucks, etc. Steps involved

in this handling system are Coal delivery, Unloading, Preparation, Transfer, Outdoor storage,

Covered storage, Implant handling, Weighing, measuring and Feeding the coal into the

furnace. Fuel handling spares are,

 Take-up pulley

 Bearings


 Screen

 Conveyor belt

 Idler Assembly

 Coupling

 Gear Box

 Special Sprockets

 Double chain & Sprockets

 Belt Sway Switch

 Crusher Hammers

 Impact Idlers

 Pumper Blocks

 Zero Speed Switch


Boilers are used to burn fossil fuels to generate high-pressure, high-temperature steam for power

plants. Boiler spare parts are Steam pressure vessels, a combustion unit where the fuel is

burned, a circulation system, a ventilation unit that supplies the combustion air and discharges

the exhaust sir and other auxiliary units. A good Power plant equipment supplier will give

technology and experience gained in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and

repair of boilers for its customers. There are two types of boilers based on Tube content as Fire

tube and water tube. It is also used based on fuel used

 Solid Fuel Fired

 Stoker Fired Boilers

 Pulverized Fuel Boilers

 Fluidizes Bed Combustion Boilers

 Oil Fired Boilers

 Gas Fired Boilers

Power plant equipment supplier

Boilers differ based on the Draught system that has been used. Natural Draught and Mechanical

Draught. It also has different types based on Operating Pressure.

 Medium Pressure Boiler

 Sub-high pressure Boiler

 High-Pressure Boiler

 Ultra-High Pressure Boiler

 Subcritical Boiler

 Supercritical Boiler

 Ultra- supercritical Boiler

Hardware Items:

Using quality Hardware items for power plants is important. General Hardware items of power

plants are Welding Machines, Drilling machines, Blow valve, Silicone sealants, Graphite

powder, Drilling machines, Carbon Brushes, Regulators, Oil Filters, Copper Sheets, Pipe Bends;

etc large numbers of power plant equipment suppliers are there in India. Choosing the best

company is important to get quality Power plant equipment.