User Frustration in UI UX | Top 10 User Frustration Causes and Solution
The article will highlight the top 10 causes of User Frustration in UI UX along with solutions. It also covers ways to detect user frustrations.

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It is often said that we tend to remember negative things more in detail than positive ones. The same thing is applied to user frustration in UI UX, and we catch mistakes fast and dwell on them instead of accepting the positive expressions. 

According to PWC’s report, nearly 32% of customers or users are likely to leave the page or abandon the site if they ever experience a negative thing.


Top 10 user frustrations in UI UX

1.Presence of technical errors

2.Offering too much to the user

3.Back Button

4.The power of content

5.Scroll hijacking

6.Tiny clicks target on the site

7.Autoplay video with sound

8.Rage clicks

9.Performance of the page

10.Situation of data loss