Improve Time Efficiency With Workforce Management Software
There are many businesses around the globe struggling with time management. Only to realize that through good workforce management software, they can fully optimize time and their employees.

“They say “time is money.” But I want to say “time makes money.” This means time is greater than money.”— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream.

There are many businesses around the globe struggling with time management. Only to realize that through good workforce management software, they can fully optimize time and their employees.

As the world moves toward automation, businesses seek to profit from it by entirely automating business operations.

The Workforce Management Software Market will reach US$ 10.64 Billion by 2027, growing with a CAGR of 7.82% during 2020-2027.

How Can Poor Time Management Affect the Organization

Universal truth – we all are given 24 hours, but still, some companies are managing to achieve more than the rest.

How is that possible?

There is no secret weapon they use. It's just that they have better time management than the rest. Time management is simply getting the most from your 24 hours by prioritizing, scheduling, strategizing, and planning tasks.

Poor time management can negatively affect the entire team and the profits. So if you find yourself and your colleagues constantly working overtime and still unable to meet deadlines, it is possibly due to poor time management.

Employees of the company can feel the effects of poor time management in forms such as:

  • Low motivation and morale
  • Adverse effects on their personal life, which will, later on, show in their work
  • Deadlines not being met
  • Employing additional staff can cost the company
  • Poor communication and relationships at work
  • Missing out on opportunities
  • Losing out on customers and clients due to poor customer service
  • Losing track of the company’s goals, visions, strategy, and plans

Sometimes managers fail to recognize employees' strengths and weaknesses due to time shortages. This can lead to underutilization of an employee's potential, leading to low productivity. A recent survey revealed that low productivity costs employers around USD 1.8 billion annually.

How Can Workforce Management Software Help Improve Time Efficiency of Managers and Employees

On a personal or small-scale business, it seems possible to manage time. But it almost seems challenging to manage a corporation with hundreds of field employees, right? Well, not anymore – with field force management software, you can manage time and your employees effortlessly.

TrackoField, an employee management software, allows managers to automate a significant chunk of their operations. This eliminates the time spent on meagre tasks by managers and employees. The software allows managers to streamline scheduling, manage attendance, payrolls, etc.

For Managers

Remote Attendance Management

It becomes challenging for managers handling field employees to keep tabs on authentic attendance. 3 out of 4 people don't always report accurate attendance. This badly affects the productivity of the company. Every year companies lose 15-20 billion dollars to attendance fraud.

But TrackoField, an employee management software, relieves the managers of the stress of faulty attendance. Since it allows field executives to mark their attendance when they reach their first location, managers they can even ask for visual verification.

Instant Leave Approval

All through the admin app of the TrackoField software, the managers can instantly accept or reject leave requests of the executives. This removes the need to meet the employee, which can be time-consuming.

Smart Task Allocation

Smart task allocation is probably the most crucial task in time management. It comes down to managers to plan and hand out the list to each employee or field executive. Unfortunately, this leaves no time for managers to plan out time-optimizing strategies further.

A manager spends 5 hours per week assigning work to their employees. That is 12.4% of their work week.

Since automation came into the scene, it has smoothened the task assigning process. Managers can now automate task allocation for months through employee management software. They can upload the tasks of each employee through the bulk task upload feature of TrackoField. Managers can add or edit jobs in between.

 This leaves more time for the managers to study the productivity levels of each employee and plan future tasks and moves.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking is almost necessary for managers working and coordinating with field executives to function without hiccups. TrackoField allows managers to track employees in real time. 

Managers, through real-time updates, can keep tabs on the checklist of field executives. They can see instantly as the employees keep updating their tasks. 

Workforce management software automatically notifies if or when the employee is out of battery or in a no-network zone. Managers will not spend time stressing about being unable to connect with the employee.

In Built Chatbox

A communication gap can bubble between the field employees and managers. Smooth communication is much needed when two or more teams are coordinating. This can save a lot of confusion due to lack of communication.

And since TrackoField offers a built-in chat box, this tool eliminates the need for both parties to keep switching back and forth on various platforms. In addition, the chatbox is a great help in communicating any problem or doubts both might have.

Also, TrackoField’s built-in chat box can be used to conduct meetings on the go.

This helps to make field executives included in the workings and decisions of the office.

Analytical Reports

It is difficult for managers to contact and communicate with each field employee to know their strengths, weaknesses, and skill sets. However, this does not negate the need to know each employee's skillsets and productivity levels. Instead, it can help managers in task assigning.

To make it easy for managers, TrackoField offers analytical reports of each employee. These reports are accurate and insightful. This can help the manager reduce their work. In addition, a SWOT analysis can be done with these reports.

Expense Management

Many companies' operations have been automated, yet expense management and reimbursement process are still done manually. Managers feel they have many other priority tasks to look after rather than wasting time reviewing reimbursement bills. To TrackoField allows expanse management to be automated.

Managers can put a limit on the spending amount. And the best part is that this limit can be customized according to the department or designation. And since bills can be uploaded on the app, this eliminates the time spent organizing and filing the bills.

For Employees

On the Go Attendance

Field executives have always found it tedious to go to the office to punch in their attendance. This waste of time can negatively affect their productivity level. But with the help of good field force management software, employees can mark their attendance remotely.

Easy Leave

Supposedly while working, a field executive comes across a personal or family emergency and has to rush home. Going to the office to seek permission can be a waste of time. So instead, through their employee tracking app, they can apply for leave instantly. They even have the option to choose between half day, full day, or some time off leaves.

They would be notified through the app of their leave request status.

Instant Reimbursement

For a business to thrive, it is vital to keep clients and employees happy. However, delays or difficulty in expense reimbursement can make employees unsatisfied, and their productivity might drop. And for field employees who every day have to submit bills regarding fuel consumption, it is a tiring and tedious process. It also becomes difficult to collect and manage invoices and receipts constantly.

More than 50% of employees undergo loss due to lost receipts.

To make it instant and easy, TrackoField has a feature that allows employees to upload a photo or bill amount on the application instantly. As a result, they are not required to travel back to the office daily to submit bills. This can save them a lot of time and fuel consumption.

They will be notified through the application of the reimbursement. The bill is visible to every manager in the hierarchy.

Appropriate Task Assigned

Through the help of analytical reports, the managers have a better understanding of the bandwidth and capacity of task completion of an employee. So the field employee does not have to worry about being assigned a task way out of their skill set. And since the manager has already assigned tasks a month before, they do not have to contact the manager for instruction.

They can directly see the tasks on the employee application of TrackoField.

Build In Chatbox

The communication gap between the manager and field employees is harmful, but miscommunication is even worst. Good field employee management software should make it possible to facilitate smooth conversations between the manager and the executive. This communication can help solve any problem or confusion employees might have regarding the task.

TrackoField’s built-in chatbox is an excellent feature for this. The chatbox can even be used for meetings if the message is unclear.

Digital Documents and Custom Forms

Companies and employees spend as much as 16 days a year looking for paper documents. Field executives have often complained about carrying feedback forms or any other documents in physical form. These papers are liable to be lost or destroyed due to rain or other factors. This can result in lost valuable data and employees and the company’s image tarnishing.

TrackoField allows employees to upload essential documents on the cloud storage provided. It also has a feature of custom forms that can be used to get customer feedback digitally. This also saves the time of collecting and depositing paperwork.

Final Thoughts

Since time management is crucial for the company and can be done through skillful management of tasks and employees, investing in workforce management software seems perfect.

TrackoField can be your perfect workforce management software as it helps not only in managing your workforce but also in smart task allocation and automates many operations which were earlier time-consuming.

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