How Do Solar Panels Hold Up in a Hurricane?
Is worry about the durability of solar panels during extreme weather kept you from investing in a solar energy system? We’re here to tell you that you have a lot less to worry about than you think.

As someone who lives in a region that tends to snow during the winter or has high winds or rain during the summer, solar energy with solar panels sunshine coast probably doesn’t sound like the best option for you. We’re here to tell you that your investment will be stronger than you think. What makes our solar energy system so strong is that we make sure never to leave any stone unturned when it comes to durability.


Solar panels suffer all kinds of extreme temperatures in the coldest and hottest weather. We’ve laid some ground rules for achieving high performance from solar panels, and they differ between seasons. The best thing to do is to back your solar equipment with durable batteries when it comes down to colder climates; in summer, we recommend sun-tracking, where possible, to enable you to strip off any shading throughout the day.


In the wake of Hurricanes Sandy and Irma, we learned that solar panels are a resilient way of generating electricity for your home or business when the electrical grid goes down. They’re strong enough to survive natural disasters like hurricanes.


Testing and Real-World Performance


Second, to flooding, most of the damage caused by hurricanes is due to high winds. Wind gusts far exceed floodwaters in terms of destructive power. Additionally, hurricane winds don’t have the courtesy to blow from just one direction as they whip around in the eye of the storm.


The wind is one of the major causes of damage. Many solar installers sunshine coast is somewhat elevated, thus exposing them to wind, which can cause a certain amount of damage as it blows from below upwards. 


Vendors ensure that systems are attached to house structures with high-quality fasteners like large lag bolts. As long as the roof is professionally built and maintained, there is little chance of solar panels ripping through your roof due to uplift or harsh winds.


The solar panel industry experiences a couple of hurricanes per year and constant high winds. Tests conducted on solar panels in a wind tunnel prove that they are built to withstand 50 mph winds and work at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Manufacturers have predicted that most solar panels will hold up after being hit by a Category 4 hurricane – the most powerful hurricane category, with top average speeds reaching 130 to 156 mph. There was only a loss of power in isolated cases where houses or structures collapsed on the panels. Each unit still had enough integrity to keep partnering with the other units to create electricity.


Continuing Measures to Improve Durability and Quality Assurance


All buildings prone to hurricanes must have solar panels on their roofs that withstand hurricane-force winds, though the city will consider exceptions if the materials are not available. Houses and other buildings further inland must have weaker solar systems that can only handle tropical storm winds.


The Durable Module Materials Consortium (DuraMAT) network of national labs and universities focuses on improving solar energy system materials and designs. This program is part of the Energy Materials Network, which works to reduce the time-to-market for clean energy materials, lowering costs while creating renewable jobs at home.


So don’t let the threat of devastating hurricanes keep you from taking advantage of a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable energy source. Solar panels are known to have survived some of the worst storms we’ve seen in years - they were not only tested by our team of experts but also have continuously endured severe weather conditions. Suppose solar power systems could survive under such harsh weather circumstances. In that case, there is very little for you to worry about regarding your environmental sustainability when it comes down to choosing the right renewable energy solution for you and your home or business. At AHLEC, we with everything related to solar. Reach out for more!

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