What are People Also Search For and People Also Ask
People Also Search For (PASF) and People Also Ask (PAA) is a Google Search feature that aims to help searchers find the related information they're looking for.

People Also Search For Or People Also Ask: If you’ve closely observed the Google results page for any query, you might’ve taken note of a specific section known as ‘People Also Search For’. Sometimes, Google presents this section when you search for something.

people also search for

With Google frequently updating search pages to keep them dynamic and informative for the user, one can also feel overwhelmed with these updates.

However, while we can’t present all the information for all the updates in one blog, this blog should provide you with ample knowledge on the ‘People Also Search For’ (PASF) section. Read this blog until the end to understand this specific feature of Google extensively.

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People Also Search For Or People Also Ask is a Google Search feature that aims to assist users in finding the information they wants. When a user type a keyword into Google Search, it’s get the organic search results for that topic in FAQs forms. Here is the examples:

People Also Ask

In 2012, Google introduced knowledge graphs to display a group of thumbnails associated with a specific search term. However, over time knowledge graph became a separate entity on the search page associated with specific search terms such as when you search for a person online.

 TodayPeople Also Search For (PASF)’ or ‘People also ask (PAA)‘ doesn’t display thumbnails but rather displays associated search terms with the actual keyword searched. Like this –

For instance, if you search ‘SEO Reseller’ on Google, you might get search terms like ‘What is an SEO Reseller’, ‘Is it worth it to pay someone for SEO’, and more in the People Also Search For’ section. Most commonly, this section appears just below some of the paid and organic search results.

people also ask

With helpful associated search terms, Google aims at resolving the user search query quickly. If someone can’t find a specific answer to a question, they can certainly look it up in the ‘People Also Search For’ section. All these suggestions are possible because Google focuses on user search intent aiming to solve the user search query as quickly as possible.

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