Best-Selling Properties Of Arabian Ranches
Buyers and renters alike have made the Al Reem development in the eastern section of Arabian Ranches 1 their top choice in Dubai. Al Burrow Fountain and Lake Al Reem are both located here. There are eight distinct townhome designs available in this neighbourhood.

Alvorada is another well-liked neighbourhood for both homeowners and renters. The Portuguese influence may be seen in the architecture of the villas, which include rounded corners, arched windows, and towers for added flair. Villas may have anything from three to five bedrooms.

Buyers and renters alike have been drawn to the Mirador neighbourhood because of its proximity to a golf club. There are 12 different villa plans ranging from 4 to 7 bedrooms, all with a Spanish theme.

For rent

In Arabian Ranches, the monthly rent might change based on the design and location of the rental unit. The annual rent for a property with two bedrooms begins at AED 90,000. A six-bedroom mansion in Dubai may cost as much as $225,000 per year to rent.

The annual rental income for a three-bedroom townhouse in Al Reem is around AED 130,000 (USD $35,400). For the same amount of money, you may rent a three-bedroom villa in one of Arabian Ranches 2's gated neighbourhoods.

Rent for a three-bedroom villa in the Alvorada neighbourhood is AED 225,000 ($61,300), while rent for a four-bedroom villa is AED 300,000 ($81,700). 

In the Mirador development, a five-bedroom house may bring in an annual rental income of over AED 220,000 (USD 60,000).

For sale

Both completed and Off Plan properties in Dubai are still in the construction phase and are available to international buyers at Arabian Ranches. The developer also provides an attractive payment plan in which the customer makes a 5% down payment, makes further payments totalling 65% of the total amount during construction, and makes the remaining 30% payment within two years of the property's commissioning.

The prices for ready-to-move-in two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom townhomes in the Al Reem complex range from AED 1,600,000 (USD 436,000) to AED 2,300,000 (USD 627,000) and AED 2,700,000 (USD 735,000), respectively.

Starting at AED 4,200,000 ($1,200,000 USD), a three-bedroom home may be yours in Alvorada. The going rate for a four-bedroom home in this neighbourhood is AED 6.5 million (about USD 1,800,000).

Villas with five bedrooms are available in the Mirador neighbourhood. Six-bedroom homes start at AED 6,500,000 (USD 1,800,000, RUB 135,300,000), with the cheapest starting at AED 5,500,000 (USD 1,500,000).

You may expect to pay about AED 1,600,000 ($436,000) for a three-bedroom house in the Camelia subdivision of Arabian Ranches 2.

Approximately AED 2,100,000 (US$572,000) would get you a three-bedroom home in Reem Community.

A large three-bedroom property in the Azalea neighbourhood may be purchased for AED 3,700,000 (USD 1,000,000). This villa has 3,051 square feet of living space.


A new three-bedroom townhouse in the SUN neighbourhood of Arabian Ranches 3 may be purchased for AED 1,300,000 (about $354,000). In the neighbourhood of Springs, a comparable townhouse may be purchased for as little as AED 1,400,000 (about USD 382,000). Homes in the Ruba neighbourhood begin at AED 1,600,000 ($435,700), while those in the JOY community start at AED 1,500,000 ($409,000).