3 Things to Do in Miromar Lakes
Dina Marie Realty presents 3 destinations to consider visiting whether you are a resident or tourist of the Miromar Lakes area.

3 Things to Do in Miromar Lakes

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If you are from Miromar Lakes, you don’t need a blog post to realize that there’s a plethora of things to do in the area for any type of occasion. Whether it’s date night or a weekend trip with the extended family, your selection is broad and vast. Maybe… too vast? Simplification is the recipe for success, and DMR is here to go through some key locations that are well worth your time. 


We’ve done some research and want to provide you with some new places to visit or hidden gems to discover around Miromar Lakes. Take a peek at what our team has to say!



Immerse Yourself In Historic Southwest Florida Lifestyle At Koreshan State Park


Let’s start the list off right: in nature! Florida as a state has a rich, deep history that is always worth exploring and learning about. The Miromar Lakes area is no exception. Koreshan State Park provides a historical glimpse of what life used to be like in the late 19th, early 20th century. A religious group called the Koreshans built an entire settlement nestled on the banks of the Estero River, establishing communal living on top of a farm, nursery and botanical gardens. It’s a peaceful retreat from the business of Fort Myers, with 11 restored and nationally registered buildings to be studied and enjoyed. 


Many options are available at this state park, so it’s perfect for just about any and every occasion imaginable. A weekend campout, hiking with friends, wildlife viewing or even a venue to host a wedding! What is perhaps most interesting is that the Koreshan State Park hosts a farmers market every Sunday from 8:00am to 1:00pm. A rotating group of vendors set up shop to provide a selection of fresh food and local produce along with unique arts and crafts, so it is always worth it to keep your morning open throughout the year to see what is available.


Fine Dining Onboard The Murder Mystery Dinner Train


You won’t find an experience like this just anywhere. The Murder Mystery Dinner Train is a one-of-a-kind theatrical showing onboard a moving train, taking you and your group through a 3 and a half hour trip from Colonial Station in Fort Myers. If you thought dinner and a movie was a good time, your expectations will be completely shattered upon participating in this event. 


A five-course dinner is served throughout a forty-mile round trip, allowing you to comfortably savor your meal while enjoying an entire murder mystery as it unfolds before you. With a rotation of shows playing throughout the year, you will have plenty of reason to return and participate beyond enjoying the luxurious entrees and desserts served. They even have a special Christmas-themed showing specifically performed during the holidays, so this is a perfect place to check out when your snowbird family members are down in Florida for the winter! 


Discover Florida’s Natural Beauty With Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours


There’s plenty to look at and be amazed with when it comes to Florida, from the variety of beaches to trails, rivers and lakes. We have so much wildlife and nature, so why not enjoy both in a safe, contained environment? Signing up for one of the many available tours at Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours will ensure you are offered a unique viewing experience that is both insightful and educational. 


Several types of tours are available to suit your specific need or desire for adventure. Take a 90-minute buggy tour through the swamps, walk through the palmetto prairie and explore Babcock Ranch on foot or book a specialty tour dedicated for photography or at nighttime. Considering four of Florida’s ecosystems are right here in Punta Gorda, any resident of Miromar Lakes should find time to visit. 


As any resident of Miromar Lakes might be able to expect, it can be difficult to pick just 3 places to prioritize visiting. There are so many other amazing locales and destinations to check out and add to your regular rotation of places to spend time at throughout the year.


If you’re a tourist who made the right decision to visit the Miromar Lakes area, welcome! DMR along with the rest of the community is happy to welcome you in. Just be sure to contact us in the event you decide to stay!

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