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Prefabricated cycle storage in the UK allows easy on-site installation. You can also get a customised cycle storage that meets your specifications.

Pedalling to work every day is a great way to energise your leg muscles, beat the stress, and save the environment, all in one single ride! Cycling is an excellent low impact exercise form that serves body fitness purposes and is a sustainable means of transport. Cycling is not only for adults, but equally great for kids who find pedalling more exciting than riding to school in cars.

Would you believe that the widespread practice of cycling has a bearing on the economics of a country? Reduced dependence on fossil fuel-intensive road transport reduces traffic congestion and road casualties, improves public health, and as a result, increases the overall workforce productivity. Further, reduced pollution levels reduce the state expenditure required to maintain ecological balance and fossil fuel supplies.

Despite these deep-reaching personal and public benefits of cycling, only 3% of UK children cycle to school. In 2018-2019, only 11% of the adult population in England cycled once a week. Segregated cycle paths and safer roads are the common factors that influence people to cycle more often. This apart, conveniently positioned  cycle storage for secure parking at workplaces or in school will induce people to pedal more often.