What are the common sense of Chinese printing?
Prints often appear in our lives, but how much do you know about Chinese printing knowledge?

What are the common sense of Chinese printing?

Prints often appear in our lives, but how much do you know about Chinese printing knowledge?

Whether it is promotional albums, books printing, catalogue printing, brochure printing, or business cards, etc, they are all inseparable from printing. Today, we will help you quickly understand printing knowledge through the two parts of printing method classification and paper classification.

Part 1 : How to classify printing method?


Classification of printing methods, which can be divided into:

 (1) offset printing, that is, lithographic printing, which is printed on a flat surface, such as paper and self-adhesive;

(2) Embossed printing, also called flexo printing, is generally used in plastic printing;

(3) Screen printing, which is what we call universal printing, it can be printed on any object and is very flexible, but it has a disadvantage that it is not suitable for large-scale printing.

Part 2 : How to classify printing paper?


Commonly used paper for China printing Paper can be divided into industrial paper, packaging paper, household paper, cultural paper, etc. according to different uses, among which cultural paper includes writing paper, art drawing paper, printing paper, etc. .

In the printing paper, according to the performance and characteristics of the paper, it is divided into newsprint, letterpress printing paper, offset printing coated paper, dictionary paper, map and marine drawings, gravure printing paper, painting newspaper, weekly newspaper, whiteboard paper, writing paper, etc. . In addition, some high-end prints also widely use art drawing paper.

coated paper

(1) Features: smooth surface, high whiteness, uniform distribution of paper fibers, consistent thickness, small stretchability, good elasticity, strong water resistance and tensile properties, and absorption and acceptance of ink Condition is very good. There are two types of coated paper: single-sided and double-sided.

(2) Main use: mainly used for printing albums, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and color trademarks.

sublime paper

(1) Characteristics: The difference from the coated paper is that the surface of the paper is matte, the paper fibers are evenly distributed, the thickness is good, the density is high, the elasticity is good, and it has strong water resistance and tensile properties. The absorbency and receiving state are slightly lower than that of coated paper, but the thickness is slightly higher than that of coated paper.

(2) Main use: mainly used for printing albums, cards, postcards, exquisite product samples, etc.

  White cardboard paper

(1) Features: It is a thick and firm white cardboard. There are two types of yellow core and white core.

(2) Main use: It is mainly used for printing business cards, postcards, invitations, certificates and printed matters for packaging and decoration.

white board paper

(1) Features: The inner core is gray, and the paper is thick and firm. There are two kinds of gray background and white background

(2) Main use: It is mainly used for printing materials for various packaging and decoration.

Double tape paper

(1) Features: Wide application and stable quality.

(2) Main use: mainly used for various manuals, envelopes, letterheads, etc.

writing paper

(1) Features: Writing paper is a paper for ink writing, and the paper is required not to smear when writing.

(2) Main use: mainly used for printing exercise books, notepad printing, forms and account books, etc.

Kraft paper

(1) Features: It has a high tensile force, with single light, double light, stripes, no lines, etc. There are two kinds of white cowhide and yellow cowhide

(2) Main use: mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags, etc.

art paper

(1) Features: There are many kinds.

(2) Main use: Mainly used in beautiful book covers, picture albums, cheap brochures printing, invitations, greeting cards, high-end office paper, business cards, high-end packaging paper, etc.


(1) Features: Due to the adhesive on the back, the paper is thinner. Mirror surface, copper plate, writing sticker, etc., and the viscosity is different

(2) Main uses: mark labels, postal parcels, letter packaging, transport goods labels, envelope address labels, etc.