How do I Swap Pitbull Token?
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What is PIT?

PIT is a self-staking token, governed by the community. Since its inception, devoted community volunteers have continually striven to improve it. Every member of the community has a voice and can make an impact in growing $PIT. The strength of the project is in the community itself.

About the Pitbull Project

Pitbull was launched on March 17, 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain Network, and is a self-staking token that was relinquished and released to the community upon creation. Such decentralization allowed Pitbull to exist as a 100% community-driven project that receives remarkably engaged headlines and fairly rapid growth on a daily basis.

The Pitbull project has been built and improved entirely by volunteers within the community since its inception. Pitbull is another project that has shown that the community matters and can change the project drastically. Token swap platform development graphic designers, writers, web developers , crypto influencers, data analysts, translators, and many other talented people came together to make essential improvements and make the project a success.

Pit Bull Use Cases:

1. The PitTracker allows investors on the platform to get a clear overview of their PIT holding and see the exact amount they have generated from automatic participation incentives. The PitChart incorporates an analysis tool for each token in the BSC. This feature generates considerable revenue from advertising space and paid features. That makes it easy to burn tokens and build projects.

2. Pit Farm is a place where holders stake $PIT — BNB V1 to earn points for buying official NFTs directly. As a user, you can trade these NFTs within the platform marketplace and ensure that all proceeds received from sales go directly to the NFT artist and community fund as a minting fee. All funds raised will be sent to project development, burning of PIT tokens and charity matters.

3. Pit Swap is an automated market tool that helps investors easily buy and trade PIT. According to the team, there are plans to develop this use case, Pit Swap, into an ecosystem that will encompass the development of a new token that complements offers a wide range of benefits alongside PIT for farming, staking, and generating more trading fees. that are directed to the development of the project.

4. Pit Store gives cardholders the opportunity to purchase Pitbull products with USD, with additional plans to integrate $PIT as a payment method. This helps the platform to create a brand image as well as provide the necessary funds that will go towards charity, burning and growth of the platform. The Pit Stop project will serve as an avenue to connect all the PIT tools that can be accessed on a single page.