Office Design and Fitout
Office Design Affects Employee and Company Performance

How Office Design Impact On Productivity of Employees?

Fostering productivity in the workforce seems a difficult task. Organizations try hard to encourage their employees and increase efficiency. However, many of them overlook the office design.

According to a study, low productivity has been a cause of anxiety among the CEOs of organizations. When productivity continues to stagnate, it directly impacts the company's growth.

There are several reasons for low productivity, and a bad workplace design is one of the major causes. Well-planned workspace is a must to complete tasks effectively and quickly. This article will teach you how a good workspace design can foster employee productivity. Read on to find all!

Increase Productivity by Focusing on Office Design

You heard it right; workplace design can help you improve productivity dramatically. The key aspects of workspace design that affect productivity are as follows:


So, the second element of a good design is flexibility. Ideally, employees choose the space work depending on their task. For instance, when the main working space is strident, there should be a space where employees can retreat, like an office pod, room, or booth.

Freedom to Move

Having room to move freely helps office workers be at their most productive level. However, a cramped workspace negatively affects employees' productivity. In addition, staying put at a desk for a longer duration without breaks is inexpedient and leads to wounded concentration. So, employees should be free to move as it is the key to boosting productivity.

Colour Scheme

How we think and feel depends on the colors also. Bright, lively colors like orange and yellow tend to affect employees positively. Even research suggests that colors greatly impact our emotions, mood, and productivity within limits. So, when selecting a color scheme for the office, be realistic. However, avoid making the office look like a rainbow. The perception of space is also dependent on color. For instance, a dark color in a small space makes it look even smaller.


Listening to music while working helps improve concentration. While some say, it may hinder your work. So, music often divides opinion in the office. However, some studies show that music improves productivity and focus. In addition, music has some health benefits and releases dopamine resulting in improved focus. Moreover, music played throughout the office may spark conversations, improve relationships, and bring co-workers together. All of this breeds employee loyalty and makes everyone inspired with creativity.

Climate & Air Flow

Somehow the comforts of employees depend upon the climate of the office. As a result, those businesses that invest in climate control systems and proper airflow see a drastic change in employee productivity. So, give the employees the comfort they seek and see a boost in their productivity.


A great office design always has a piece of comfortable and good-looking furniture. In addition, it should ensure the staff is sitting correctly, preventing strains and back pains. So, when designing an office, ensure the desk chairs are supportive and comfy to increase productivity employees. However, check that the sitting is not cozy as it will make the staff sleepy.

Adequate Storage Space

It might be surprising that offices that provide adequate personal space to their employees reap productivity benefits. Lockers, secure bike storage, coat racks, etc., are a few examples of adequate storage for employees.

A chaotic workspace may keep employees from tackling their to-do list more time-consuming and difficult. However, a few employees may favor a messier environment, while it is a big turn-off for others.

In short, keeping desk space clear and offering adequate storage is the key to increasing productivity. Office fit-out companies can help businesses offer employees a great space.

On the Final Note

Low productivity is often a cause of near-constant worry for organizations. Often, they spend a major chunk of money to foster productivity; however, all in vain. How will the employees be happy when the office design is not good?

The right office design and fit-out are crucial to ensure the staff work to their full potential and drive the company towards new heights. So, before any organization pours money over any other elements in the office, ensure you analyze the office's design closely. Then, make necessary changes, then decide if there is a need to do anything else.