Top 10 Trusted Cricket Fantasy Apps in India - Exchange22
For that reason India has many cricket fantasy apps, which keeps the cricket frenzy perfectly healthy among individuals.

Cricket is exceptionally famous in India! Cricket has the most devotees of any game since the only one is played for an enormous scope. For that reason India has many cricket fantasy apps, which keeps the cricket frenzy perfectly healthy among individuals.

Many individuals are energetic about cricket and appreciate playing it. Thus, we've compiled a list of the top 10 cricket fantasy apps in India for you to enjoy. Moreover, these are a portion of the dream cricket applications that give probably the best rewards and experience on the field.

Likewise, we have seen that the prominence and outcome of imagination cricket have arrived at new levels, making it a gigantic fascination for individuals to partake in. Individuals are becoming keen on the cricket dream applications that are showing up in the market individually. There are various best dream cricket applications in India that you can use for no particular reason and amusement like Exchange22.


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List of Top Cricket Fantasy Apps



Exchange22 is a fantasy sports app that offers games based on basketball, kabaddi, football and cricket.


This is India's best fantasy app among cricket fantasy apps. The stage stands apart by giving a virtual, continuous gaming climate. It also includes key aspects of stock market trading, such as the ability for users to buy and sell player shares just like stocks are traded on exchanges.


By giving a reliable, secure, and safe gaming climate, Exchange22 means to be the best dream application in India by 2023. Following the coin throw, exchange22 members can make the last couple of changes to their 11-player group in view of bowling and batting. Contingent upon the circumstance, players can be added or taken out.


These are only a couple of overall principles to remember while assembling your dream group in any dream application. Considering these fundamentals, you can benefit from a cricket dream application in India.


Fantasy Dangal


Dangal Games has released a brand new fantasy app. Dangal Games is a well-known IT company that assists in the development of skills online. Making its way into the top 10 cricket fantasy apps in India 2021 and gaining a large number of users.


It's a great way to make money while having fun. The best part about this fantasy cricket app is that you can earn cash bonuses simply by inviting friends to the Fantasy Dangal app.



It is a new application in India, however it gives probably the most wanted and mentioned highlights of a dream cricket application. Moreover, Gamezy is supposed to be India's most fulfilling and best dream cricket application.


It has brought about a flourishing as well as prospering game for individuals who partake in this dream cricket application. In excess of ten lakh individuals effectively utilize this application to bring in cash. You can likewise play rummy and poker, and it is accessible in eight unique dialects, which might draw in additional players.


Paytm First Games

It is a part of the Paytm application, making it Paytm's most memorable game and setting it among the best ten dream cricket applications in India. It would be advantageous assuming that you likewise attempted this one. Sachin Tendulkar, our cricket legend, is the brand diplomat for this dream cricket application.


You can also win huge money rewards with the game, and millions of people use the Paytm app, and we all know that the company would never release something that was not reliable or trustworthy for its users. It also has other games like ludo, puzzles, rummy, and so on.




It is also one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India, with a large user base. If you enjoy cricket and want to make money there are no better ambassadors than MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah who endorse this app.


The app offers a large pool of players for fantasy sports games, as well as contests in other popular fantasy activities (such as cricket and basketball).



My11 Circle

Individuals who are really keen on fantasy cricket applications ought to be knowledgeable in My 11 circle. It is a notable dream cricket application with a huge client base around the world. Renowned brand ministers for this dream cricket application incorporate Sourav Ganguly, Shane Watson, as well as Rashid Khan. Truly outstanding, as well as a dream cricket application, is currently accessible.




MPL is the most up-and-coming fantasy cricket app in India. The app's popularity among fans and its association with the most famous cricket player have made it one of the most popular fantasy apps.


Virat Kohli, the most well-known member of India's cricket team and one of its best players, has been named as the app's brand ambassador. Other games are also available—you can earn money (and other rewards) by playing these different games.



This is yet another fantasy cricket app that has popped in popularity in recent years. Unlike other apps, this fantasy cricket app offers one unique feature not found in other cricket fantasy apps. This one provides users with the option of selecting either their bowling fantasy or their batting fantasy. The app is one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps and has a long way to go.



This fantasy cricket application has excited fans all around the world who use it with energy. Individuals are exceptionally keen on dream games, and they are additionally tracking down better approaches to bring in cash while playing. This dream cricket application is additionally remembered for the main ten dream cricket applications in India. There might be various competitions, and there are various games from which clients can choose their game.



It is without a doubt one of the top ten fantasy cricket apps in India, with Virender Sehwag serving as their brand ambassador. This fantasy cricket app is available in nine different languages and has a large global user base. 


This fantasy cricket app has approximately 1.5 million downloads and hosts 100 contests daily. The app allows you to make withdrawals immediately and has a low withdrawal limit of RS. 100.


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