Checklist For Preparing Office For Professional Cleaning
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If you work in any corporate office, you might be familiar with the office environment, how messy it becomes when it comes to office cleaning. Every office needs to be cleaned professionally from time to time to keep the workspace healthy and clean. Untidy workspace affects the productivity of the employee and health of the staff. Cleanliness can degrade your business impression because no client would ever like to do business with the dirty organisation. To keep the office infrastructure in good condition, it is important to get the office professionally clean by the Commercial Cleaners Melbourne Company every year.

Though professional cleaning experts handle everything but, it’s your responsibility to take care of your belongings and ensure safety. Make sure to collect your personal stuffs from the office desk before office cleaning.

Basic things to do before getting your office professionally clean:

1) Take away your keyboards and monitors before cleaning.

This is the basic cleaning practice which every employee follows at the office. At the end of the day, keeping keyboards and mouse properly inside the desk. Collect other litters and garbage like food packets and mugs before leaving the office. Cover your desktop, keyboard and other desk stuff with the cloth or covering materials to avoid getting dusty.

2) Take away mug and plates.

Take away your belongings like mugs, showpieces and other breakable things to the safe place until the office is not cleaned.

3) Create a proper planning.

Proper planning is must if you have a big organisation. Make a proper cleaning schedule about which office is going to clean so, you can manage the staff accordingly with the proper work force. Adjust employee in other office while your previous office is getting cleaned.

4) Make sure to keep windows open for proper ventilation.

Full office cleaning will cause so much of dirt and mess in the office. Professional office cleaning might take 4 to 5 hours to clean entire office space efficiently from cleaning to disinfecting every surface. So, keep windows open for the proper ventilation and to avoid suffocation in the office.

5) Move your necessary office supplies to the safe place before office cleaning.

Transfer you necessary office equipment like chairs, tables, water jugs and other essentials to the safer place to avoid getting dirty.


Office cleaning can be difficult making place messy and crowd but it can be managed one day for the sake of cleanliness. To avoid other business issues, it’s better to inform the staff about the cleaning service in advance so, they get prepared for some inconvenience. Also try to postpone the important meetings on the day of cleaning. The cleaning goes well when you choose the right Office cleaning Melbourne Services. At baps cleaning, we are the staff of highly-trained professional cleaners capable to do all types of cleaning, apart from this, we specialise in gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning and various flooring service. Consult us today for any types of cleaning requirements.

Source: Checklist For Preparing Office For Professional Cleaning