The Qualities a Great Orthodontist Must Have
Finding the best private dentist near me to ensure keeping your oral health in top condition requires more than just a piece of luck. You need to understand the qualities of a good dentist and find the right practitioner who is a great listener, empathetic, and approachable.

Best orthodontics South East London

There are certain traits you should look upon to find a great dentist, especially if you want to go for dental implants South East London. Some of the most desirable attributes to look for while searching for a private dentist near me include:

·        Location and practical considerations: Choosing a dentist near your home or work provides you with added convenience and accessibility to meet them as and when required. Watch out for their visiting hours and establish if they have an ample parking facility.

·        A good communicator: A dentist must have good communication skills. It will help them explain in an easy-to-understand way, about your dental problem and the treatment options. Dental implants are often complex in nature and need to be clarified simply before the treatment.

·        New technology: A good dentist always stays up-to-date with the latest technology. They are ready to embrace new dental techniques and incorporate the latest innovations in their practice, providing patients with the best available dental treatments.

·        Invites patient involvement: A dental professional who involves patients in decision-making for treatment is considered best. A dentist who favors a patient-center approach is desirable as they don't force their choices on the patient but share all relevant information allowing a patient to make more informed decisions.

·        Welcoming atmosphere: A dentist needs to have a good office with a an atmosphere where patients don't feel rushed or uncomfortable as they are already undergoing a problem.

Dental implants South East London

A dental implant is surgically placed in your jawbone and acts like an alternate root of your missing teeth. These are often made of a titanium material that fuses with your jawbone so that it does not slip, make noise, or cause bone damage.

There are various benefits of implants over dentures. Some of these are:

·        Implants are more natural and comfortable to use.

·        They have a higher success rate.

·        Implants can improve chewing your food items.

·        They possess a lower risk of cavities developing in the adjacent teeth unlike dentures.

·        There is a decreased sensitivity problem in teeth that are near the implants.

·        They work as your natural teeth and don’t need to be taken out and cleaned every night.

Are implants right for you?

To determine if implants will be fruitful, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to evaluate bone density and other factors. This involves taking x-rays and CT scans to help ascertain there is an adequate bone structure for placing the implants, and simultaneously establishing the right location of the implant to be placed.

Based on the condition of your oral health, personal habits, and your commitment to after-care instructions, the dentist will advise you on the most appropriate treatment plan. Some patients may have insufficient bone and require soft tissue grafts or smaller diameter implants, also known as mini implants.

Depending on your overall health, your dentist will share the entire treatment process along the number of appointments required. Any oral health issues are first addressed before the implantation, as tooth decay or gum disease can make treatment less effective.


Dental implants from Mindful Dentists offer a high success rate and provide long-term benefits. However, you may need additional procedures to prepare your mouth for dental implants, but the end result is often overwhelming.