How Can We Keep Our Brain Healthy and Young
Do you want simple ways to keep your brain healthy? Let's have a look at what are the rules to improve brain health daily.

How Can We Keep Our Brain Healthy and Young

For many days you are searching about how to improve brain function and memoryand trying to figure out how to achieve (1) this then, your search has almost been done. 


As per experts' advice, if you follow these simple 10 ways to keep your brain healthy in your daily life then you will experience the beneficial results in less tenure.


Let’s have a look which is the 10 things that need to be done in daily life for your brain health,


Rule 1


Whenever you will do lunch, dinner, or anything like even breakfast, keep TV and phone aside.


Pay your full attention to your meal. The health of your intestines (stomach) is essential for the health of your mind (brain). An unhealthy stomach can easily affect brain health. 


Rule 2


Start your day with 7 long breaths, first sunlight, and a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes of workout (sweating must).


Rule 3


Check the level of ferritin in the body. Ferritin is a required component of our brain and nerves. It is a protein (type component) that is in our blood and it stores iron. 


To increase the level of ferritins in your body then start to eat leafy vegetables, almonds, cashews, lentils, suggested iron-rich foods, and vitamin C rich foods (ask your healthcare trainer or family doctor).


Rule 4


You must reduce the amount of sugar intake. Unfortunately, in many different ways, we consume a big amount of sugar (Chocolates, Cakes, Biscuits, Sweets, and packed products). (2) Next time, when you will purchase the product that time checks the ingredient list first and then decide. Mostly you will find unnecessary sugar in children's products instead of a requirement.   


Rule 5


Every day you must follow the fixed time for getting up, sleeping, eat. It helps your brain to handle the action for your body regularly without hustle. It means, your brain needs not to take hard work to balance your different time modes. A biologically regular body balance process can go smoothly. 


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Rule 6


Nature has given us all things easily but we don't value nature. You have to engage time with plants, and trees. Go outside and enjoy a nature walk a minimum of once a week. This rule is effective for your brain health.


Rule 7


Let's keep your brain active. If you like, learn a new language. Or play games like chess, Sudoku, and Puzzles.  


Rule 8


If you are facing the issue regarding constant thought then you must manage them. But, suppose your thoughts are out of control then don't be shy to meet a psychiatrist.


Rule 9


Protect your brain from injury (like beating, accident, etc.)


Rule 10


At night, when you will go to bed then before half an hour switch off your phone, avoid electronic gadgets, do not take coffee, and the next day after waking up, don't use your mobile for at least one hour.

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