Abdominoplasty: Who is it for?
Abdominoplasty plastic surgery also knows as tummy tuck is the procedure in which excess skin and fat is removed.

Dr Sahil Singla

Abdominoplasty plastic surgery also knows as tummy tuck is the procedure in which excess skin and fat is removed. In many cases it is also associated with the restoration of muscles, which may be weakened or separated (diastasis), in order to provide a more toned and refined abdomen.

Despite being a well-known surgical procedure, many people still believe that abdominoplasty in Delhi can be used as a way to lose weight quickly, but this idea is wrong. Let’s understand why!

When does the plastic surgeon indicate abdominoplasty?

Many people associate tummy tuck in Delhi with weight loss, they believe that only overweight patients are submitted to this surgery, but this is not the case!

People within the ideal weight and with ideal body proportions may also have abdominal sagging and excess skin in the region.

Most cases seen by a plastic surgeon in Noida specializing in abdominoplasty present at least one of the main causes of sagging in the abdomen:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Aging;
  • Weight fluctuation;
  • Prior surgery.

What factors can generate the need for an abdominoplasty?

  • Aging – Over the years, the body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes, so the skin texture becomes increasingly flaccid.
    The face is considered the site of greatest exposure and, consequently, of greatest concern on the part of patients. It is increasingly common to carry out procedures that minimize the effects of advanced signs of aging, such as a frontal lift, for example. However, it is not just the face that is affected by aging. The abdominal region also becomes flaccid and abdominoplasty in Delhi is a great ally in these cases;
  • Pregnancy – After pregnancy, due to the need for the skin to stretch to accommodate the increase in the belly, it is quite common for the abdominal region to become quite flaccid and with excess tissue. Although many women manage to recover their silhouette after pregnancy with the practice of physical activities, in some cases the skin may remain flaccid or the woman may develop diastasis (a situation in which the abdominal muscles separate due to the development of the baby). In these situations, it is possible to opt for abdominoplasty to recover the appearance of the abdominal region;
  • Weight fluctuation – Currently, the search for the ideal body leads people to opt for diets and practice physical activities without adequate guidance, which can cause weight fluctuation or the famous “accordion effect”. When there is a very sudden weight loss or gain, it is normal for the abdominal region to become flaccid. For these cases, abdominoplasty in Delhi is also indicated;
  • Heredity – The physical characteristics of an individual, regardless of the habits acquired throughout life, suffer a lot of genetic influence. With the abdominal aspect it is no different. Many people have flabbiness in the abdomen due to heredity, a characteristic that can be corrected through tummy tuck in Delhi.

How to choose the best plastic surgeon in Noida for a tummy tuck?

The plastic surgeon in Delhi specialized in abdominoplasty is the most suitable professional for this type of surgery. In addition to specific training to aesthetically assess the patient’s situation, it is who can indicate the best option for each case, according to its particularities.