Aligners-treatment after braces story
Clearbite Aligner is a clear and transparent removable cosmetic appliance designed for teeth movement

Aligners-treatment after braces story



Amanda was super surprised by how easy it was to use Clear Aligners. She had braces as a kid and was traumatised by being bullied at school for wearing chunky metal braces and  she never wore her retainers that landed her in need of  ‘Clear braces/ Aligners.’ 


“Technology has come a long way—they just made a mould of my entire mouth. My doctor created a 3-D scan to show me how the treatment would work—I began with a set of custom-made aligners that I change out every two weeks. 


While I was hopeful that I wouldn’t need attachments (clear bites that are adhered to your teeth and hook to your aligners), I was more interested in finishing the treatment as quickly as possible, the attachments help with that. I'm currently halfway through the treatment, which has been a bit more involved than I was prepared for, but I’m pleased to see that my teeth are already considerably straighter.”  


Since Amanda had braces before, she was prepared for her teeth to hurt, but they only were slightly sore the day she swapped to her new trays, to which she said, “It was no big deal!”


“Since I paid for them myself this time around, I was dedicated to getting my money’s worth. I wore my trays religiously through the process and wear them now for maintenance at night. That was a surprise—it’s a forever nighttime thing now, but it doubles as a night guard, and you can use them as whitening trays!”


Overall, Amanda loves the results. In roughly seven months her crowded bottom teeth were perfect.


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