Highly-Realistic Indoor Plant Pots With Minimal Upkeep
Indoor potted plants have been around for thousands of years and are here to stay for thousands more.

Want to add some style and elegance to your space? A modern fake succulent bowl can be your saviour. Despite being artificial, they come with unique life-like leaves handcrafted to give off an authentic look of nature!

Ornamental plants are a sign of love, luxury, and strength. Not all plant enthusiasts can make time to take care of these delicate plants. Opting for artificial plants gives you access to the beauty of these exuberant plants without maintenance. Indoor potted plants have been around for thousands of years and are here to stay for thousands more. Just one small potted plant placed appropriately in any setting changes the whole mood of the space.

Hyperrealistic greenery is the newest trend in home decorating. They're perfect for adding some freshness and sustainability to your day. At Designer Vertical Gardens, we offer premium quality plants in an affordable price range that are very easy to set up. With zero maintenance, they are perfect for those who want their home or office space decorated without having to spend too much money or time on it!

Do you love gardening but hate the hassle? With our hassle-free gardening products, you can avoid all the stress of maintaining real plants. These artificial plants are made from UV-resistant materials to sustain the harsh Australian weather and last indefinitely. Designer Vertical Gardens offers a stunning range of artificial flower walls, plants, and trees, that inspire you to create your own beautiful vertical garden in Melbourne.

We are with our customers every step when it comes to choosing from the numerous options available and customising them if required! For more information about how to get started on your garden or after-sale support visit Designer Vertical Gardens.