What is an Agile PMO? Aren’t all PMOs speculated to be Agile and help transformative change? Does my employer want an Agile PMO? Keep studying to find out the blessings of Agile improvement and the precise set of functions and organizational shape an Agile PMO gives that everyday PMOs surely don’t.

What Is an Agile PMO?


What is an Agile PMO? Aren’t all PMOs speculated to be Agile and help transformative change? Does my employer want an Agile PMO? Keep studying to find out the blessings of Agile improvement and the precise set of functions and organizational shape an Agile PMO gives that everyday PMOs surely don’t.

Introducing the Agile PMO

Traditional varieties of organization venture control are continuously evolving as the sector matures and expands. Although those methods of wandering were a success withinside the past, adjustments to the methods we paintings, lightning-rapid globalization, and the accelerated use of Agile throughout industries require a brand new manner of running. 


As a result, structuring an Agile PMO is the following logical step. But what's an Agile PMO? 


In a nutshell, an Agile venture control workplace (PMO) is a current tackle venture control technique. Its cause is to evolve quickly to our converting wishes and global methods a everyday PMO surely cannot. Although a few of the dreams are the identical, an Agile PMO makes initiatives extra bendy than conventional strategies. 


The largest variations among a conventional and an Agile PMO include:


  • The decentralization of manipulate and making plans

  • Agile budgeting and useful resource allocation

  • A gadget of workflow tests and balances that streamlines ahead movement

  • Remove barriers, discover clarity, exceed dreams

  • Anything is feasible with the maximum effective paintings control software program at your fingertips

  • Enter your enterprise email

  • Try for loose


What are the functions of an Agile PMO?

A high-quality Agile PMO seems like a conventional PMO with some key exceptions primarily based totally at the philosophies of Agile technique. 


Project ranking

Agile PMOs hold a catalog of organization initiatives which are ranked in keeping with order of significance with the aid of using predetermined criteria. 



Backlog grooming in Agile manner, venture organizing and tracking. Among its many blessings, an Agile PMO makes it smooth to hold tune of all upcoming and energetic initiatives in a single region. 


Team empowerment

Team empowerment manners permit groups to be self-reliant, make their very own knowledgeable choices, and put off in any other case time-ingesting approval approaches. When every crew member has entire visibility into venture plans and data, they could all take possession of the venture in order that there's no want for reporting to a supervisor every step alongside the manner. 


Project filtering

In a conventional PMO, maximum initiatives start without a clean approvals gadget past an easy sign-off. In an Agile PMO, there's a fashionable qualification clear out that places each new concept thru an initiation and an approval degree earlier than it receives brought to the backlog.


Team communique

In an Agile PMO, groups aren’t decided with the aid of using the initiatives. Instead of finishing and beginning a brand new organization for each new assignment, cross-departmental groups stick collectively. This can also additionally require a few extra help from time to time, however it’s in the end extra effective than beginning from scratch every round. 


Measure crew velocity

Regular PMOs depend on hours, even as Agile PMOs degree crew potential and what they could complete in a given sprint. Not most effective is a higher estimation of ways lengthy sure duties will take, however it additionally promotes an extra effective manner of doing matters. 


Quick Wins

Because customers are usually past due and in a rush, it's far vital to expose a few outcomes as “brief wins” that assist the PMO sponsor display a few developments to his or her managers. This may be finished with the agile technique, due to the fact choosing and prioritizing steps are performed in complete coordination with the client.


More Flexibility

While setting the technique and manner guide into the implementation phase, that is wherein problems begin to evolve, relying at the complexity of the paintings and adulthood of the stakeholders. The agile technique facilitates experts to discover approximately those problems at an early degree and regulate their manner of implementation accordingly.


Faster Buy-in

When the client’s crew is worried in all of the steps and making plans is being performed on brief deliverables with brief wins in mind, the buy-in of the PMO idea turns into a great deal quicker and experts revel in an excessive degree of cooperation.


Business Driven

We usually pick out the PMO version primarily based totally on the photograph we've of the enterprise after analyzing the present day status, however troubles begin to seem while info comes. As you develop you discover extra approximately the enterprise-associated info that aren't protected withinside the PMO setup. Developing the PMO technique the usage of the agile technique facilitates in tailoring the PMO to fit the enterprise's genuine wishes.


Train with the aid of using Practice

Using a brand new technique is a painful manner. The agile technique facilitates practitioners to get skilled on new methodologies, even as the experts are nevertheless to be had to help them and offer coaching.


What is the organizational shape of an Agile PMO?

Traditional PMOs depend on a pinnacle-down technique to their management and crew employer. The organizational shape of an Agile PMO, on the other hand, is extra circular. At the pinnacle of a conventional PMO chain of command are enterprise proprietors and PMOs. Agile PMOs additionally region enterprise customers on the pinnacle, however that’s wherein the similarities end. 


From there, the glide moves to the venture crew, which incorporates the product proprietor, Scrum master, developmental assets, fine guarantee assets, and miscellaneous assets. The PMO gives venture help and steerage to the Scrum Master, who gives development updates to the PMO during the venture lifecycle. Each useful resource class is owned and controlled with the aid of using the precise supervisor, i.e., the developmental supervisor oversees developmental assets and so on. 


In the organizational shape of an Agile PMO, the PMO performs the function of a representative and now no longer a supervisor. This frees the PMO to be aware of making every crew as green as feasible. Instead of maintaining tabs on fundamental venture traits along with price range and time, they could alternatively be aware of providing their perception into growing higher structures even as groups self-organize. 


Because the Agile PMO is not the center man, it’s extra critical than ever to rent and teach collaborative groups. You can also additionally even discover that a hybrid technique is first-class in your unique organization as you're making the transition. 


Tips for constructing an Agile PMO

Create a PMO constitution record earlier than beginning a venture control workplace that outlines your project statement, dreams, and key overall performance indicators. 

As you create approaches, make certain you furthermore may write down how you’ll degree and enhance on them over the years. 


Always introduce the stakeholders (whether or not they’re already Agile, Waterfall, or transitioning) for your crew considering the fact that your crew might be those in charge of having matters performed. 

Find methods to facilitate constructing relationships out of doors of initiatives with crew-constructing exercises, social events, and devoted workplace or networking espresso hours. 


Get crystal clean on how your enterprise defines collaboration and perceive if someone possesses that skillset or now no longer while hiring. 


Focus on constructing and instructing your dream crew over the years as this manner places extra duty on them than ever earlier than. 


Create excessive-price rewards for people to book their motivation and creativity. 

Draft minimalist venture templates to hold the whole lot uniform however additionally permit for character groups to position their very own spin on matters as needed. 


Trust your groups even as additionally asking questions and maintaining tabs on development alongside the manner. 


Common demanding situations for Agile PMOs

Inexperienced groups, micromanagement, and adoption struggles are 3 of the maximum not unusual place demanding situations for Agile PMOs. Here’s what they are, the way to spot them, and what you could do to triumph over every one. 


Inexperienced groups

This consists of folks that are new to the place of job or crew and groups which are new to running with every difference in this manner. Inexperienced groups regularly have problems with communique, favoring the course of an expert parent overstepping as much as being a pacesetter themselves. 


There are motives why that generally happens. First, they might experience that the business enterprise way of life makes it hard or maybe not possible for them to have their voice heard. Second, till a set of humans discover their rhythm collectively, it is able to be an undertaking to barter the social and expert elements of the venture (each of which can be very critical in an Agile PMO). 


How to triumph over it: Set new requirements for hiring folks that are skilled with collaboration. Then, bear in mind the personalities of every character earlier than you organize them collectively. And finally, however now no longer at least, paintings create a constantly tremendous environment for every person, mainly folks who can be a part of a marginalized organization. 



Traditional PMOs regularly play the function of each supervisor and administrator as they help groups. Micromanaging can appear to be taking on the responsibilities of a crew leader. It also can appear to be failing to delegate questions or duties to the crew individuals or now no longer having uncomplicated barriers on your function. 


Contrary to famous belief, micromanaging in venture control has much less to do with any perceived character deficiency and extra to do with setting up formal strains of management and without a doubt defining venture obligations from the very beginning. 


How to triumph over it: An Agile PMO ought to transition out of the attitude of being a hands-on player and into being a professional manner representative. Teams can and ought to help you in doing so. Make new processes and chains of command clean at the start of each venture. 



It’s no mystery that adopting Agile approaches may be challenging, mainly while groups are used to functioning in a sure manner over many years. But for an Agile PMO to be effective, every person has to get to the identical web page faster in place of later. If they don’t, it may cause communique breakdowns that hold Agile PMOs from acting their maximum ROI responsibilities and put off development as groups war on paintings autonomously. 

How to triumph over it: The proper venture control device makes it smooth to visualize and recognize approaches, duties, and approvals, even for groups with 0 revel in with Agile. 


How to embody Agile PMO technique with Wrike

Wrike facilitates Agile PMOs save you delays, help organization productivity, and hold groups responsible to a custom designed plan. Centralizing all your venture statistics in Wrike facilitates holding every person at the identical web page in any respect. 


Whether it’s storing all helping property or looping others into venture-associated conversations in actual time in the platform, our venture control software program eases groups into Agile strategies on the way to undertake those new approaches quicker than ever earlier than. 


Master Agile PMO with our -week loose trial and spot for yourself how Wrike facilitates groups collaborating with particular Agile templates, Kanban boards, dynamic prioritization tools.


The Agile PMO as (Trusted) Advisor

In the end, it’s approximately being much less of a manipulative freak and extra of a concierge, smoothing the manner and letting the gamers make matters take place in their very own manner. An agile PMO may be a version for servant management, with all of the traits of agility and not one of the command-and-manipulate posturing of the past. 


From this vantage factor, the PMO can anticipate an extra strategic function and be worried about potential, portfolio, and strategic making plans. The groups anticipate extra operational duty along with making plans for the product backlog, incremental releases, and iterations.


In an agile organization, the PMO sheds the mantle of the manner police and turns into an agile coach, providing optimistic oversight and advocacy:


Provide adequate schooling for crew individuals withinside the concepts and practices of agile and lean methodologies along with Scrum, Kanban, or a hybrid technique, then supply groups the power to interpret and execute the practices on their very own.


Allow cross-practical groups to live collectively from one venture (or batch of deliverables) to the following, with a view to get right into a rhythm for running in sync.


Look for non-stop development however count on a few instructions discovered thru experimentation, till the approaches turn out to be 2nd nature.


Establish groups of exercise with like-professional humans to inspire sharing first-class practices and true ideas, in addition to gaining consensus on suitable tools.


Agility is an attitude, an aim to supply price extra quickly. As a champion of change, the agile PMO has a possibility to guide with the aid of using examples. In its file on learning a enterprise agile attitude, Gartner notes:


“The factor is: Adopting an agile attitude will enhance your enterprise outcomes. If this attitude is followed and fastidiously applied, it is able to permit all regions of the organization to transport quicker and turn out to be extra targeted on making sure that movements and choices cause deliberate outcomes.”


Becoming agile – and being agile sufficient to guide others withinside the journey – is similar to making steady path corrections throughout a transcontinental flight. Inclement situations can pressure you to suppose rapid and react unexpectedly. The agile pilot steers clean of risks and may even get passengers to their vacation spot in advance than scheduled. An agile attitude gets you where you’re going, irrespective of what demanding situations you can encounter.


Documentation requirements 

Traditional PMO

Business instances and distinct venture plans might be created in the shape of documentation as a way of governance and justification e.g. the individual that wrote the record idea of all of the requirements. Documentation is needed as sponsor and enterprise proprietor might be much less engaged withinside the venture. 


Agile PMO

The very excessive degree enterprise case might be advanced with the prolonged crew (such as improvement crew and control), consequently most effective light-weight documentation is needed. Since the sponsors and product proprietors belong to the crew and meet on a everyday basis (in a few instances every day), corrective movements may be executed while required (through Executive every day scrums). 


Documentation is contemplated in light-weight representations along with mock up screens, now no longer always a Word record.



A high-quality Agile PMO seems like a conventional PMO with some key exceptions primarily based totally at the philosophies of Agile technique. Common demanding situations for Agile PMOs Inexperienced groups, micromanagement, and adoption struggles are 3 of the maximum not unusual place demanding situations for Agile PMOs. 


How to embody Agile PMO technique with Wrike Wrike facilitates Agile PMOs save you delays, help organization productivity, and hold groups responsible to a custom designed plan.