Shocking Ways House Of Shrooms Will Make You a Better Dancer
Growing mushrooms on logs is very beneficial. What better way to have home-grown mushrooms in your House of Shrooms?

Shocking Ways House Of Shrooms Will Make You a Better Dancer

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Growing mushrooms on logs is very beneficial. What better way to have home-grown mushrooms in your House of Shrooms? They can't find anything new. However, growing mushrooms can bring with it a small set of problems.

Check out this problem-solving post about the most common questions and problems that arise with growing mushrooms on logs. And if you have any additional questions or experiences you would like to share, please leave a comment below.

The best time to cut the logs is when the leaves have fallen from the trees, or have not yet sprouted from the branches in the spring. This applies to farmers who make large numbers of logs every season. If you inject up to 15 logs, this does not work, and you can cut logs all year round.

The answer is no. The hardwood injection window lasts from 1 to 6 weeks after cutting. In cooler climates, some farmers cut logs in the fall, lay them out, and then cover them with a tile to cover the winter, and then inject them in the spring. This may not work in tropical areas, as mushroom seeds float in the air year-round.

Most plugs or spawns should be black and white with mycelium, if you get them when sent. Excluded from wild chicken (orange mycelium), lion's mane (weak and shiny mycelium), House of Shrooms (orange brownish mycelium), etc, etc. a few days, they should recover. If they do not open the bags they are in, please contact us with pictures to see if there is another problem. Once you have opened the spwn up, we cannot change it.

If you send me an email asking this question, I will ask you a few questions in return

Please be prepared to answer all these questions, so that I can help you see what's going on with your logs. Then send me an email.

This really depends on the type of wood and the size of your logs. Some types of wood are softer than others like sweet gum compared to oak, so sweet gum logs will yield faster than oak as an example.

If you plant an oak tree 4 inches wide, and another 8 inches wide, but the same length, a small wide log will bear fruit faster, because it is smaller, and does not take long to plant. mycelium run all the way. Logs bear fruit when the mycelium has completely filled the trunk. It can usually take anywhere from 6-24 months for your wood to bear fruit, depending on the size, type of wood, location, and the type of House of Shrooms you have planted.

The sooner you inject your logs after cutting, the less likely it is that other people will climb on your logs. However, if you have other mushrooms growing and those you have planted, this is normal and OK.

If you wait too long to inject your logs, those logs may be completely taken over by other competitors. In this case, it may be best to start over. Please make sure you do not eat mushrooms on your own sticks. If you are unsure of what is growing in your logs, contact us via email with pictures.