Celebrate Your Wedding With Authentic Indian Catering Services in Melbourne
Contact Tandoori Flames for Indian catering services in Melbourne and bring the magic of Indian cuisine on the plates.

Add the Indian flavour to your wedding celebration in Melbourne with Tandoori Flames catering services. The most authentic, dazzling and diverse cuisine you can get your hands on. Indian food comes with its varieties and surprises. Once you take a bite, you just can’t get enough of it. This multicultural cuisine ranges from chats to desserts.

Loved The Food At Our Indian Restaurant

Treat your guests to the intricacies of Indian flavours with Tandoori Flames catering services. Celebrations are always incomplete without good food. And why settle for good food when you can have an extraordinary culinary experience. At Tandoori Flames, follow centuries-old traditions and practices to bring the best of experiences to your guests. Indian food at Indian Restaurant, like the culture, is diverse and extraordinary.

Even for experienced chefs to recreate those flavours, that aroma proves to be a difficult task. Our specially trained chefs with years of experience cooking Indian delicacies will never disappoint you. Each bite and nimble of the Indian cuisine we offer will create an explosion of flavours.

Indian Catering To Add Spice To Your Wedding


No matter what the occasion is, an anniversary, a wedding, a bridal shower, or a corporate event, Indian catering services will help make your event memorable and different. Our menus are full of flavours and spice, leaving your mouth watering for more. Each function has its own unique setting. Get in touch with our staff to prepare your own set of dishes for the event. Your search for catering for Indian food in Melbourne ends here.