Best Quality Tensile Test Machine Manufacturer and Supplier
Tensile tests are important for many industries & will help you to examine some conditions of failure of the product when a certain force is applied. Thus, you can easily assess the tensile strength of the material with the help of a Presto tensile testing machine of about 2500kg capacity.

Tensile Test Machine

This testing machine has been made with a rugged structure and will give you an assessment of the tensile force that will be required to break the element. The tensile test is conducted by applying an outward force to the sample. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while performing a tensile test. The test cannot be performed in the end product. A sample of predefined dimensions and shapes is prepared on which the test is performed. The sample should be in dumbbell shape, as per the testing standards issued by relative authorities. 

Are you still looking for a best quality tensile test machine and you cannot find anywhere such an instrument which is upgraded with the latest model and extra functions? Presto tensile machine is based on the latest technique and extra features which are easy to use and handle. We consider tensile stress testing being one of the highly efficient methods to test the elongation properties of the materials. They need materials like plastic products to be tested for their load-bearing strength so that they should withstand the tensile load. Thus, Presto will provide you with this high-quality lab testing instrument known as a tensile strength testing machine that is used to analyze the mechanical properties of the materials with ease.

The tensile testing machine offered by Presto has a capacity of 2500 KG which means an equivalent load can be applied to the sample to check its resistance. The machine will exert an outward pull on the sample to a point of fracture or until the sample ruptures completely. The creep test can also be performed, in which the sample is made to hold the load for a predefined time. The behavior of the sample is assessed visually. 

We used this testing instrument in laboratories for the purpose of testing the elongation properties of the materials. To know more about the tensile strength tester price, or want to conduct a FREE sample testing session, then give us a call at  +91 9210903903 or email them at You will get instant information about your queries.