Washing Machine is Very Noisy
Lg Washing MachineService in Coimbatore  The drum of the washing machine does not spin. The laundry is piling up... It's not usually good ...

Washing Machine is Very Noisy

 The drum of the washing machine does not spin. The laundry is piling up... It's not usually good news when scheduling household chores... In this post we will deal with one of the most frequent breakdowns in dryers and washing machines, specifically, we are going to talk about belts. And it is that although there are modern washing machines that do not use belts, since they have the motor attached to the shaft, the most normal thing is that the form of movement distribution in both washers and dryers is the belt.

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 Well, as has happened to many customers, the strap can be cut, burned, unstitched, or come out ... The causes can be very varied, and now we are going to explain each situation a little.

The causes

Normally a belt in good condition should not be cut, this may be a defect in the belt itself, and nothing can be controlled or done to prevent it from happening, it just happens without further ado, although it is quite rare. However, if a belt burns, it is because for a few moments, or for a long time, the drum has been stuck, and the motor has been turning, and since the belt did not move, it burns in the part of the motor for friction.

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 This can happen if we load it excessively, or also if the shaft or bearings are in poor condition, causing the drum to jam. On the other hand, in these cases the leash could also come off, it could be said that it is a matter of luck. Also in dryers, we usually find belts that have frayed, and this is more common than you might imagine, in this case, as in belts that break, it is a matter of luck, since when a thread comes out of the leash, it gets caught somewhere along the way, and that's where the disaster begins... It begins to wind on the shafts that rotate at high speed and in a matter of seconds the belt is completely unusable. We already know the causes, but...

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 How do we know if our washer or dryer has a failed belt?

Well, it's very simple, the first thing we have to do is open the door and turn the drum, if it turns freely, without making noise or friction from the motor, it is more than clear that the belt has come loose or broken. 

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 On the other hand, we can also observe that if the machine fills with water and drains it , but the drum does not move even when listening to the noise of the motor running, we know that the belt is to blame for the failure of our machine.

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