How to wear Ihram? Ihram clothing for male and female pilgrims
In a strict sense, Ihram or ehram is a uniform that pilgrims wear

What is ihram in Islam?

In a strict sense, Ihram or ehram is a uniform that pilgrims wear when they visit the Holy Kaaba during cheap umrah packages manchester. Pilgrims wear it on both the big pilgrimage (Hajj) and the smaller pilgrimage (Umrah), and they wear it a long time before they go. Pilgrims must remember that ihram is not optional. During their Umrah in the holy city of Makkah, all Muslim Pilgrims are required to wear this special outfit. It tries to get rid of all the differences between pilgrims. When everyone goes to the Masjid al Haram, there are no longer any differences in class, culture, or, most importantly, how people dress. In Allah's eyes, everyone is the same. The dress cannot be changed at the whim of a single pilgrim or a group of pilgrims. So, because Islam is a very friendly religion, it encourages everyone to put aside their differences and come together under one religion. First, the clothes, which are the most obvious difference, are put aside. When every Muslim wears the same uniform, it gives them their own group identity. In general, ihram is a state of being simple. This is what the dress is meant to show. Once a pilgrim decides to do Umrah, he must live in a state of cleanliness and simplicity, which is what the word means.

Many people find it hard to get used to a new dress and a new way of carrying themselves when they finally decide to start the sacred journey. In the scope of this online publication, Islamic Travel steps in to help guide the process.

How to wear Ihram?

But before you take on the state of ihram, make sure you wash. After that, you have to take a full bath and do your business. Then, take off your clothes that were sewn together and put on two white sheets that aren't sewn together. Put one sheet around your waist and the other around your middle. On the other hand, women can wear clothes that are sewn together. The Ihram dress for women is a simple dress. But most women today wear an abaaya plus hijaab. A woman can't cover her face when she is in ihram.

Once that is done, if it is the right time, give 2 rakat nafal. When you say this prayer, you should also use that second sheet to cover your head. It's best to put it on at home or at the airport and then tell people when you get to Rabigh. When the plane crosses Rabigh, the place designated as Meeqat for UK Umrah pilgrims, people can say their Umrah Niyat and declare their Umrah ihram. Umrah pilgrims from the UK often have the wrong idea about Meeqat. And it would be better to get rid of that first. Umrah pilgrims from the UK do not go to Jeddah airport as their Meeqat. He is Rabigh. But if you plan to go straight to Madinah from Jeddah, you should think of Madinah as your Meeqat. Again, it's best to say what you want to do when you get to the Meeqat. So, a pilgrim won't have to pay attention to all the Umrah ihram rules that he or she would have to follow otherwise. This is also a good idea because flights sometimes get delayed and some pilgrims will be flying long distances.

Ihram restrictions:

Once pilgrims take on the ihram, they have to follow the rules that come with it.

From now on, they can't wear clothes that have been sewn. Ihram is meant to be worn as a full outfit, so underwear is also not allowed. Also, underwear is sewn, and clothes that are sewn are not allowed.

Any kind of shoe that goes past the ankles is not allowed. The best shoes to wear for Ihram are flip-flops and slippers. Even worse, they don't have straps. So you shouldn't worry that the strap will cover your ankle.

It is not allowed at all to get a haircut. During this state, a pilgrim must not lose a single hair anywhere on his or her body. Before putting on ihram, pilgrims get their hair cut and shave their bodies.

Likewise, nails cannot be trimmed.

From now on, pilgrims can no longer wear any kind of perfume. They also can't use any cosmetics that have a strong smell. Even using regular beauty soap is forbidden.

Sexual intercourse is strictly forbidden.

It is against the law to hunt or kill any living thing. Not even an ant or a louse should be crushed.

A pilgrim is required to follow these rules. If you don't follow any of the rules, there will be serious consequences. If you do something wrong during Umrah, the punishment is dam, which means you have to kill a goat or sheep. But if you break more important rules, you will have to sacrifice a bigger animal, which is called bdna. If the pilgrim doesn't know, the penalty may happen. To get rid of the sin, the pilgrim must make the sacrifice during umrah packages 2023 UK. But if something is missed by accident, it can be forgiven. So, there's no need to give anything up. But Allah and your own sense of right and wrong are the best judges of that.