What you Should Know About Honda D16 series Engine?
Throughout this article, the relevance of the Honda D16 engine has been discussed only to equip you with a better perspective on the engine.


Since its inception, the versatile inline 4 cylinders Honda D16 series engine has powered many older Honda small vehicles. If you happen to be a Honda enthusiast, you should be aware that your all-time favorite Honda Civic received its power from Honda D16 engines. To make your understanding clear about the functionality of the Honda D16 engine and to know the reliability of the engine, carry on reading this article. The information provided will aid you in deciding whether you should invest in Honda engines for sale.

Brief History of Honda D16 Engines-

The Honda D series engine hit the market in 1984, Honda CRX became the first vehicle to utilize the 1.5L D15 engine in the American and European markets. The D series engine illuminated power in Honda Civic, CRX, Stream, Logo, and Integra. Within two years of the introduction of the D15, Honda quickly offered a 1.6L D16 engine. The aggressive acceptability of the Honda D16 engine in the global automotive market made the engine highly popular. To date, the Honda D16 engine holds its popularity for its durability, and reliability irrespective of some common issues faced.

The Honda D16 engine was highly appreciated for its accessibility, affordability, and lightweight. Let’s read on to know the features of the engine that made it fly high with extreme reliability.

What is the Specification of the Honda D16 engine?

The intention behind launching the Honda D series engine was to cover the market of budget-stricken car owners. The “economy” engine provided a great service for almost 25 years with untouched reliability and affordability. The features of the engine didn’t hamper its performance and enhanced it with proper nods and tuning.

What powers the Honda D 16 Series Engine?

The usage of Honda VTEC in the D series helped in maintaining its desirability among people. The Honda company consciously designed the D series engine to make it adaptable to further upgradation and customization. Since 1986 Honda D series has been introduced in the market with various variants with 16 valves and either SOHC or DOHC valvetrains. Though Honda B16 holds great performance reliability than the D series, yet D 16 model with VTEC managed to make its own space among Honda enthusiasts.

What Makes Honda D 16 Series Reliable Engine?

Honda has invariably made its mark in providing the most reliable engines from its wide range of engine series. The D 16 Honda engine successfully marked its likeness among car owners for providing great mileage without experiencing any dire problems and expensing highly on maintenance. Though the D 16 engine offered great performance the timely care and maintenance can never be overlooked. It is important to perform regular servicing along with frequent oil changes.

The D16 could last up to 200,000 miles with periodic care. As the upgradation option is available in the D16 engines but the inclusion of turbo kits and other upgrades reduces the life expectancy of the engine. You must be mindful before making your purchase for any extra parts. Always buy authentic parts from a reliable place.

No matter how much precision Honda used in manufacturing the D16 series engines, they do suffer some issues regardless of how intricately they have been engineered. Some common problems are rough idle, oil leaks, and other faulty parts that affect the reliability of the engine.

 However, if you are on the lookout for your D16 replacement, go for Honda used engine for sale. You could revive your Honda car with full energy with the best Honda engines online.

Let’s understand the problems faced in the Honda D16 series-

The following are the most common issues faced by the Honda D 16 series engines.

1. Rough Idle- The main reason for the rough idle problem in Honda D16 engines was the dirty throttle body or idle control valve. Furthermore, poor working sensors also became the reason many D 16 engines were prone to rough idle issues or hurdled acceleration. Though it’s not easy to diagnose a rough idle problem, there are certain points to look for the problem.

  • Failure of Head Gasket
  • Failure of fuel pump
  • Dirty Throttle valve
  • Bad ECT Sensor

The rough idle may be an indicative symptom of further engine failure issues. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the irregularities in your part’s performance. These initial preventive measures can save you from the further hard work of finding a Honda engine for sale.

2. The issue with Exhaust Manifold- It has been commonly observed that the Honda D16 engine showed lots of problems in its exhaust manifold very early. You can easily diagnose the leakage in the exhaust manifold:

  • Too many odd noises from the engine
  • Reduction in engine power
  • Inappropriate oxygen sensor

Unfortunately, the functionality of a manifold exhaust makes it prone to disruptive temperature fluctuations which lead to its malfunction. Manifold tends to crack because of excessive temperature changes.

3. Problematic Crankshaft- This has been the most occurring issue faced by the Honda D16 series engine drivers. Premature trouble in the crankshaft may occur due to numerous other issues. If you come across any of these issues, then you must be prepared for fixing the crankshaft.

  • Vibrating Engines
  • Irregular engine idle
  • Malfunctioned alternator
  • Malfunctioned power steering pump
  • Damaged Transmission

The problematic crankshaft might be a hard knock for you to beware of engine failure. Don’t overlook any crankshaft issues and upon facing such problems immediately work towards fixing the issue. Any ignored step of yours may lead you to face the biggest concern of a driver which is the failed engine. Being earlier precautious can save you from involving in a situation like looking for a low mileage used Honda engine.

Your Final Takeout:

Throughout this article, the relevance of the Honda D16 engine has been discussed only to equip you with a better perspective on the engine. Undoubtedly, this Honda engine always managed to rule the market with its higher durability, affordability, and handy being lightweight. The offering of higher mileage made this engine most loved among Honda drivers.

Though the Honda D16 series was made with superior diligence to fit in the “perfect” criteria of an engine it did lack somewhere in its poorly working components. The overall intention of this article is to make you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of owning an engine. The thorough information will guide you even in your purchase of the best Honda engines.