LDV Parramatta
LDV Parramatta is an automotive dealership that offers a wide range of vehicles, services, and solutions to meet the needs of customers in the Parramatta area.

LDV Parramatta's new and used vehicles

LDV Parramatta is a dealership you should think about if you're looking for a new or used car in the Parramatta area. Whether you're looking for a compact car, an SUV, or a commercial vehicle, they have a wide selection of vehicles to meet the varying needs of customers. To assist you in choosing your next vehicle, we will examine the new and used cars available at LDV Parramatta in greater detail, as well as their features, financing options, and frequently asked questions.

Some of the popular new models include the ones listed below:


The LDV T60 is a versatile pickup truck that provides exceptional performance and comfort thanks to features like a turbocharged engine, a 360-degree camera, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

LDV G10 

LDV G10 comes with features like a 9-inch infotainment system, tri-zone climate control, and a rearview camera. This roomy and useful people mover is ideal for big families.

LDV V80  

LDV V80 comes with 2.5L turbo-diesel engine, a cargo volume of up to 10.4 cubic metres, and a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. These are just a few of the features that make this sturdy and dependable commercial van capable of handling heavy-duty workloads.

LDV D90  

The LDV D90 comes with modern safety features and cutting-edge technology available in this opulent SUV, including a panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning.

The New LDV Parramatta Cars Features

The selection of new vehicles at LDV Parramatta includes a wide variety of dependable, reasonably priced, fashionable cars and trucks with cutting-edge features and cutting-edge technology. LDV Parramatta's new vehicles come with comprehensive warranties and after-sales support, ensuring that customers can have peace of mind when purchasing a new vehicle from LDV Parramatta. LDV Parramatta offers a wide range of new LDV vehicles with advanced features and cutting-edge technology to meet the diverse needs of customers. Some of the features that are available in LDV Parramatta's new LDV vehicles include:

Advanced safety features 

Advanced safety features like a 360-degree camera, a rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control are standard on LDV vehicles. These features aid motorists in safe road navigation and lower the possibility of collisions.

Comfortable interiors 

Leather seats, tri-zone climate control, and panoramic sunroofs are just a few of the amenities found in the roomy and comfortable interiors of LDV vehicles.  A luxurious and comfortable driving experience is made possible by these features.

Infotainment systems 

Modern infotainment systems with large touchscreens, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-end sound systems are standard equipment on LDV vehicles. On-the-go entertainment and connectivity are made possible by these features.

Powerful engines 

LDV vehicles are outfitted with effective engines that deliver outstanding performance and fuel economy. Both manual and automatic transmissions are included with the engines, which are offered with either gasoline or diesel engines.

Adaptable cargo space 

LDV commercial vehicles are made with adaptable cargo areas that can be customised to meet the unique needs of businesses. Depending on the vehicle model, the cargo spaces can be anywhere from 6.2 to 10.4 cubic metres.

Warranty and after-sales support 

When a customer buys an LDV vehicle, they can do so with confidence because they are covered by extensive warranties and after-sales support. Along with genuine parts and accessories, LDV Parramatta also provides extended warranties, servicing, and repairs performed by qualified mechanics.


Overall, the new LDV vehicles from LDV Parramatta are a popular option for customers looking for a dependable and affordable vehicle because they provide the ideal balance of comfort, safety, efficiency, and versatility. 

Financing Options for New and Used Vehicles at LDV Parramatta

To assist clients in purchasing their ideal vehicle, LDV Parramatta provides a selection of financing options. Several possibilities include:

Lease Contracts 

With the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term, this option enables customers to pay a set monthly amount for the use of the vehicle over a predetermined period.

Auto Loans 

Customers who choose this option can finance the purchase of a vehicle over a predetermined repayment period at a fixed interest rate.

Payment Schemes  

Customers can manage the cost of purchasing a vehicle more easily by choosing this option, which enables them to make smaller payments over a longer period.


The financing options offered by LDV Parramatta are designed to satisfy a variety of customer needs by offering low interest rates, adaptable repayment schedules, and simple application procedures.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Do the new and used cars at LDV Parramatta have warranties?

Yes, complete warranties that include parts and labour for a specific time period are offered with every new LDV vehicle. In addition, LDV Parramatta provides after-sales assistance and extended warranties for both new and used cars.

Offers options for trading in older vehicles at LDV Parramatta?

Yes, LDV Parramatta provides options for customers looking to trade in their current vehicles for new ones. Customers can receive a competitive trade-in value for their old car after having it evaluated and put it towards the purchase of a new or used car. 

Can the cars from LDV Parramatta be modified?

Yes, LDV Parramatta offers a variety of customizations for buyers who want to make their cars uniquely theirs. Accessories, paint jobs, and interior improvements fall under this category of customization.

What types of vehicles does LDV Parramatta offer?

A variety of new and used cars, including pickup trucks, commercial vans, and passenger cars, are available at LDV Parramatta.

Are LDV vehicles reliable?

Yes, LDV vehicles have a reputation for being dependable and long-lasting, and they are backed by extensive warranties and after-sales support from LDV Parramatta.

Can I trade in my old vehicle when purchasing a new one from LDV Parramatta?

It's true that LDV Parramatta provides trade-in services to customers who want to sell their old cars when buying new ones. The condition and market value of the vehicle will determine the value of the trade-in.

Does LDV Parramatta offer servicing and repairs for LDV vehicles?

Yes, LDV Parramatta provides maintenance and repairs for LDV vehicles by certified mechanics who use original equipment manufacturers' parts and accessories. To guarantee the long-term dependability of the vehicle, they also provide after-sales support and extended warranties.

Is it possible to test drive an LDV vehicle before purchasing it?

To test drive a vehicle before making a purchase, LDV Parramatta does indeed encourage customers to do so.  You can schedule test drives by getting in touch with LDV Parramatta and choosing a time that works for you.


To accommodate a variety of customer needs, LDV Parramatta provides a large selection of new and used vehicles, financing options, after-sales support, and customization services. They are a well-liked option among consumers looking for a high-quality vehicle due to their dedication to dependability, affordability, and customer satisfaction. To find out more about LDV Parramatta's goods and services, get in touch with them right away.