What is the Main Purpose of Video Annotation in Machine Learning and AI ?
Just like image annotation, video annotation helps machines recognize objects through computer vision. Basically, the main motive of video annotation is to detect the moving objects in the visual and makes them recognizable with frame-to-frame outlining of objects.

The Purposes of Video Annotation

Apart from, detecting and recognizing the objects, which are also possible through image annotation, there are various reasons video annotation is used in creating the training data set for visual perception-based AI models to perceive varied objects.

Actually, these models get trained through an algorithm to perceive the various types of objects through video annotation service. So, right here, apart from object detection, we will explain what is the main purpose of video annotation.

Detect the Objects

The first and most important purpose of video annotation is capturing the object of interest frame-by-frame and making it recognizable to machines. The moving objects run on the screen annotated using the special tool for precise detection through machine learning algorithms used to train the visual perception based AI models.

Localize the Objects

Another purpose of video annotation is localizing the objects in the video. Actually, there are multiple objects visible in a video and localization helps to locate the main object in an image, which means the object is mostly visible and focused in the frame. Actually, the main task of object localization is to predict the object in an image with its boundaries.

Tracking the Objects

Another important motive of video annotation is help visual perception AI model build for autonomous vehicles after detecting and recognizing the objects track the varied category of objects like pedestrians, street lights, sign boards, traffic lanes, signals, cyclists, and vehicles moving on the road while self-driving cars are running on the street.

Tracking the Activities

Another significant purpose of video annotation is again to train the computer vision based AI or machine learning model track the human activities and estimate the poses. This is mainly done in sports fields to track the actions athletes perform during the competitions and sports events helping machines to estimates the human poses.

These are the main purposes of video annotation, and all these are done for the computer vision to train the visual perception based model through machine learning algorithms. In self-driving cars and autonomous flying drones, video annotation is mainly used to train the model for precise detection, recognition and localization of varied objects.

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