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A person's life is inspired not only with the buy of his activities, but even going to a larger extent by the order of his thoughts. Transurfing can be a distinctive technology for attaining goals and controlling events using special ways of paying attention focus. Your life is loaded with exactly what your interest is focused on. Find more information about Трансерфинг

Reality Transurfing is actually a distinctive technology for attaining goals and dealing with events, designed by Russian scientist Vadim Zeland. The substance of the technology is explained inside a series of books of the same brand, that contain gone through several editions considering that 2004.

The peculiarity of the technique, unlike the popular esoteric lessons, is the fact that believed is non-material and cannot impact issue. But considered has the capacity to influence the information space, through which the material reality is actually created.

The Transurfing idea profits from your postulate: information is major, issue is secondary. This facts are not apparent, ever since the information area does not obey the laws of physics and it is not resolved by devices, and so has not been practically examined. Nevertheless, there are several indirect proofs of the presence of the information area (ether) as being a carrier of information, along with the information space as the "provider code" of your material Universe.

The information space is an endless archive of adjustable "films", where by precisely what was, that might be and that may be is saved. And reality can be something that has never been and do not will probably be, only exists - once and from now on. Reality exists for only one time, like a structure on the film that techniques through the past to the future.

For that reason, the key idea of ​​Transurfing is the fact finding yourself in the minute “here and now” is unproductive. To the contrary, it is important to look to the upcoming and set the activity in the impending framework. A lot more unproductive is to fight with the current reality. Reality - it exists only insofar as it has taken place. You cannot transform what has recently taken place. But that's what many people do.

One is in a position to established his reality beforehand. To put methods to decide where route the framework will transfer, alongside which film strip. This is accomplished by using special types of concentrating consideration, which are described in the guides from the series "Reality Transurfing", "Tafti Priestess", "Itfat Priestess" as well as others. That it performs is established through the working experience of several followers of your teachings around the world, from Canada to Nz.

Vadim Zeland is considered the number one publisher in Russian esotericism. His guides have come to be classics, they have been interpreted and published in additional than 20 places around the world. Distinct guides come and go, although the Reality Transurfing series always remains inside the best.

In lots of countries around the world you will find Transurfing schools in which people learn how to control their reality. Overseas, Transurfing loves the best success in France, Germany, France, and also the Arab entire world. And recently there has been a noticeable boost in reputation in the states.

The flow of printed books published since 2004 is incorporated in the millions, but it is difficult to estimation exactly how several millions of people have read Transurfing - prohibited electronic and audio variations are actively advertised in pirate networks.

Vadim Zeland is one of the very widely go through modern-day freelance writers. At the same time, his personality is surrounded in puzzle and contains already purchased legends, since he does not promote himself and does not participate in public events. It comes with an opinion that Vadim Zeland does not exist by any means, and a group of professionals generates under his pseudonym, because it is allegedly out of the question for one person to accept and produce some thing like this. Nevertheless, anyone is pretty real.

Despite the fact that the article author, in accordance with him, is a convinced materialist, his title is in the listing of the 100 most spiritually influential individuals in the world. The rating is published inside the British magazine Watkins Imagination Body Soul. Vadim Zeland is definitely the only Russian blogger having repeatedly been included in this checklist.