Duct Cleaning Services in Hillside, IL
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Are you in need of a duct cleaning service? There are many reasons you can benefit from having this
procedure done every so often. While air filters are enough to catch trace amounts of dust, mold,
and dirt, they aren’t enough to keep the air in your building clean if the contaminants in your ducts
have built up. Here are a few signs that your ducts need cleaning and what you should do
about it.

Many duct cleaning service employees will tell you that you should only consult their services when
your ducts become severely clogged, as their methods are only suitable for dealing with large
amounts of dust, mold, dirt, and other contaminants. After inspecting your vents, they begin by using
a long brush to knock any trapped dirt loose, then vacuum the rest away, resulting in clear airways.
As an additional service, many companies will also spray a solution that kills lingering germs and
prevents the future growth of mold, which results in your ducts staying cleaner for much longer.
With adequate treatment, you shouldn’t need to hire a duct cleaning service for years at a time.