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Closely review a cloud-based lead generation and sales automation tool that lets you automate Linkedin prospecting and find new leads for your business. Read the complete Closely review.


You are out of the business if you don't have prospects or a lead machine. Hi, welcome to the Closely Review.


Do you think it's hard for your business to get leads and automate sales? Are you having trouble getting your business to a specific audience and looking for customers who buy a lot?


When I was just starting, I was in a challenging situation. I talk to 4-5 people every month. At the time, I didn't know what a lead was or why it was important to get leads. My business was dying daily, but I found a way to save it. Now, my post shows my potential customers on its own.


How could a tool help you find targeted leads, start automated outreach campaigns, build and manage your LinkedIn network, export B2B email contacts, and reach your sales goals faster than ever?


Imagine you are a digital marketer who knows your ideal customers. You want to get in touch with them but don't know how. You can find anyone's contact information and contract with just one click and make a sale.


Once, a friend of mine was upset because no one came to his business to buy anything. His business sales kept declining because he didn't know how to get targeted traffic or leads.


He wasted a lot of time and money trying different software, but none worked. He finally gave up and thought about being quiet. But now he owns a business that does well. All that he had done with *Closely*


Closely is a cloud-based sales automation and lead generation platform that lets you find new leads for your business and automate Linkedin prospecting. It will help your teams do their jobs better in sales, marketing, business development, and creating demand. With this Closely review, you learn more.


What Is a Closely? And How Does It Work?   


Closely is a sales engagement platform hosted in the cloud and can be used by businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to big brands with dedicated sales teams. Launch automated outreach campaigns, build and manage your Linkedin network, export your B2B email contacts, and reach your sales goals faster than ever.


Closely's the best way to help you get leads is through the Lead Finder. On Linkedin, it's easy to find your ideal prospect's email and phone number. It has more than 31 data points, including the industry, company name, contact name, emails, phone numbers, region, job titles, websites, and more.


With Closely, you can reduce the time you spend prospecting and the number of manual tasks you have to do, such as sending connection requests, finding prospects' email addresses, and sending emails and LinkedIn messages. You can easily take charge of how you market yourself on LinkedIn.