Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT SUPERSONNERIE Watch Replica 26593PT.ZZ.D002CA.01

Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT SUPERSONNERIE Watch Replica 26593PT.ZZ.D002CA.01

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Split-Seconds Chronograph GMT Large Date

Carefree complications: Audemars Piguet's latest complication focuses on comfort and ease of use

Despite being equipped with numerous complications, AP's new complication models stand out for their slim automatic movements, thin cases, lightweight materials and cleanly laid out functions that can be set intuitively.

One of the obvious takeaways from Audemars Piguet's unveiling of its new core collection models yesterday was that ergonomics were high on the Le Brassus brand's list of priorities. As my colleague Rhonda Riche pointed out in those articles she published, finer cases house more compact automatic movements, which means that the Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore and Code The 11.59 swiss replica watches is very comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Today, Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) launched a new member of this year's complex function timepiece series, we can see that wearing comfort and ease of use are once again the dominant theme.

While these novelties included many (and in some cases too many) exciting horological complications, AP prioritized the user experience, prioritizing the self-winding flat movement, thin case and light High-quality materials, as well as clear and easy-to-read functions for intuitive setup and activation.

Here are our top three picks for AP complex versions.

Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet Ultra-Complication Universe RD#4
Nothing exemplifies this 'simple' approach more than Audemars Piguet Universelle's new Code 11.59, which the brand calls its first automatic grand complication.

A homage in name and spirit to AP's Universelle pocket replica luxury watches from 1899, its 26 functions and 19 classic complications make it one of the most refined creations the brand has ever created.

Well, hold on to your hats; because the new Universelle is equipped with 40 functions and 23 Notable complications – including 17 "special technical devices"). Oh, and while technically not a complication, the Code 11.59 Universelle has a flying tourbillon because, you know, why not?
Surprisingly, with its elegant Code 11.59-style case measuring just 42mm in diameter and 15.55mm in height, the new Universelle manages to retain the look and evoke the feel of a rather glamorous two-pusher chronograph. In fact, at first glance, you wouldn't necessarily realize what's going on inside this relatively compact package. But, as you'll soon discover, there's actually a lot going on here.

performance enhancements
While this may be difficult for many to understand, nearly every major complication of the Code 11.59 Universelle has at least one special feature that enhances its performance or the wearer's experience.replica watches for sale

Take the timekeeping function of a watch as an example. The Grande Sonnerie, Petite Sonnerie and Minute Repeater functions are powered by a dedicated barrel, which is wound by the movement of the wrist to optimize energy management and distribution.

Then there's a new "secret" gold caseback that improves the acoustic performance of the watch on the wrist. Opening it up reveals the movement, thanks to a new Supersonnerie soundboard made of sapphire crystal, on which the gongs are mounted.

The split-seconds chronograph is equipped with a rotating clutch to prevent the hands from jamming. At the same time, unlike the traditional perpetual calendar, the QP mechanism used in the Universelle movement only needs to be manually adjusted once every 400 years (while the real moon phase display is once every 122 years), of course, the premise is that the watch is within this period of time. keep running.

clean, tidy, clear
In fact, as part of the brand's RD collection, the Universelle watch incorporates and builds on the innovations of "Research and Development" that Audemars Piguet's engineers, designers, watchmakers and craftsmen have been perfecting over the past seven years. Therefore, the Universelle of 2023 officially bears the suffix RD#4.

For all that impressive complication and all the 1,100 components needed to assemble the self-winding Caliber 1000 (which has a pretty decent maximum power reserve of 60 hours), the team at AP has managed to create a movement that measures just 34.3mm in diameter. Core height is 8.75 mm.2023 CODE 11.59 BY AUDEMARS PIGUET ULTRA-COMPLICATION UNIVERSELLE RD#4

To find space, the team simplified functions and modified engineering; for example, the calendar function is now on one level. At the same time, the team managed to keep the various functions separated, keeping the dials clean, uncluttered and legible despite their secondary indicators, be it sub-dials, apertures, etc.

The same goes for the buttons, correctors and selectors, with only the three 'Super' crowns - featuring coaxial buttons - placed on the right side of the case, and three concealed buttons on the left, all visually labeled.

Four changes for 2023
Giulio Papi, Technical Director of Audemars Piguet Le Locle, summed up the ethos behind Universelle when he said: "In order to achieve the highest level of reliability while keeping the thickness of our movements to a minimum, we believe in 'mechanical functionality combined with attention to ergonomics. Opened a new path for Audemars Piguet and the entire watch industry."

In 2023, the AP Ultra-Complication Universelle introduces four models of the Code 11.59: 18K white gold with a black dial, 18K white gold with a beige dial, 18K white gold with a skeletonized dial, and 18K rose gold with a skeletonized dial.

Full Titanium Royal Oak Self-winding Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin
Of course, knowing how to squeeze a perpetual calendar into a layer is nothing new at Audemars Piguet: the brand has already demonstrated its possibilities with the 2019 Royal Oak Selfwinding Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin model.

The 2019 model features a navy blue dial and counters, a 41mm titanium case and a platinum octagonal bezel, measuring just 6.3mm high thanks to the 2.9mm thinner Caliber 5133 movement inside.

Today, Audemars Piguet has added another ultra-thin Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar to its lineup. This time, however, it features a bold blue fumé dial and black calendar sub-dials. The smoky blue dial is decorated with the typical sunburst pattern of fumé dials, which transitions charmingly from light in the center to black on the periphery.Jacob & Co. astronomia

Limited release in 2023, the case, bezel and bracelet are all titanium, with the brand's signature polished and brushed surface. Unsurprisingly, but no less impressive, the combination of lightweight metal and ultra-thin dimensions makes the new Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Slim watch feel like it’s floating on the wrist—a remarkable feat.

Royal Oak Concept Split Seconds Chronograph GMT Big Date
Finally, Audemars Piguet unveiled a striking new iteration of its avant-garde, high-tech Royal Oak Concept, featuring a new state-of-the-art movement, slim case and sophisticated interchangeable Rubber strap.

Combined with a split-seconds flyback chronograph, a second time zone with day/night display and a large date window, the new Royal Oak concept split-seconds chronograph GMT large date is the first collection of Audemars Piguet products.

Additionally, to get it right the first time, its new automatic movement, Caliber 4407, features a column wheel with a vertical clutch system for clean timekeeping. Furthermore, the split-seconds mechanism has been integrated into the thickness of the winding rotor ball bearings (visible through the sapphire caseback) to reduce the height of the movement.

A host of cutting-edge movements can also be glimpsed on the dial side, thanks to cutouts in the black-treated German silver platter. Eschewing the Audemars Piguet logo, the dial features red and yellow accents marking the chronograph and GMT functions respectively, while a white tachymeter scale is printed on the black peripheral flange.

spaceship-like design
Rounding out this technological marvel is a new titanium case with combined crown/GMT pusher and black ceramic chronograph pusher inserts.

While the angular, spaceship-like design of the case more or less follows the usual Royal Oak Concept case profile, the case is now slightly thinner at 43mm in diameter. Also, while the case is arched to conform to the natural shape of the wrist, its surface features a more subtle combination of textures: satin-brushed, sandblasted and polished finishes that complement the light.

The Royal Oak Concept is also the first watch to feature an interchangeable rubber strap, designed to complement the lines and tones of the case. For example, the bevels on the sides of the case extend onto the strap, which is adorned with symmetrical gray inserts, creating a subtly two-tone aesthetic.

Finally, the watch comes with a second all-black interchangeable rubber strap, and two more black rubber straps with yellow or red accents will be available at AP boutiques as the brand prepares for this new 43mm Royal Oak Part of the interchangeable straps offered by the concept best replica watches.