What are NFT games and which are the most played today?
In this article we are going to tell you all the news about the NFT Games. What are they? What are the most played today? And much more!


Video games are gaining more and more ground in the fields of entertainment and also in work. This trend that grows day by day generates a lot of curiosity in thousands of people around the world who want to know a little more about video games with blockchain technology.


What are NFT games?


To know  what NFT games are , we are  going to go step by step. First of all, let's start by mentioning that NFT games are a type of video games that are based on blockchain technology. This means that they are associated with digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and that those who play do so to earn money.


Blockchains  are chains of encrypted data, which are linked to others and so on. These chains make it possible to ensure that all digital transactions made are secure and not hacked.

So, NFT games are a particular type of video game through which the participants can earn digital money, through the purchase of elements found there (characters, weapons, objects) and that are  NFT elements.


How do NFT games work?

We previously discussed what these games are, now let  's see how NFT games work . We already mentioned that this particular type of video game is closely linked to the world of cryptocurrencies. Let's see how.

To understand how these games work, let's first be clear about what the acronym NFT refers to. An NFT is a unique and unrepeatable digital asset. Like cryptocurrencies, which are digital assets, these NFTs are digital files that are impossible to copy or duplicate.


NFTs are unique records because they are associated with a blockchain that ensures they are authentic, unrepeatable and unhackable. So some parts of these video games are NFTs, allowing players to buy and sell items in exchange for a digital asset exclusive to the game.

Each video game has its own cryptocurrency development company , and NFTs are bought with real money, therefore, it is a necessary condition to exchange cryptocurrencies (just like in traditional exchange houses, where different currencies are exchanged according to their values). in the market) to be able to carry out said actions in the video game.


As in the financial markets, if an NFT game is in high demand and many people start buying their NFTs, their value increases. On the contrary, if the game fails to gain followers and players lose interest in it, its value goes down and whoever bought NFTs there may lose their investments.


What are the NFT games with which you can earn money?


There are  NFT games to earn money. The player achieves this by completing missions in the game or meeting certain requirements. At that time, you receive an amount of in-game cryptocurrencies that you can exchange for any other cryptocurrency later.

There are many NFT games through which you can earn money, including Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Illuvium, Samurai Doge, Gold Fever, Lost Relics, Guild of Guardians, Mines of Dalarnia, and Darkspace to mention just a few.

All these games have their peculiarities, their characters and their missions. From war scenarios to incredible sci-fi worlds, going through action and adventure, all worlds have their place within NFT games.

Each player will be able to choose the game that interests them the most and is captivating, to deploy all their techniques and strategies trying to achieve as many goals as possible.


What are free download NFT games?


In some cases, the games are paid or have to be downloaded from a paid platform in order to play, but there are also  free-to-download NFT games .

Free download games include Cryptopop, Dragonary, Gods Unchained, Mir4, Upland, Merge Cats, Ox Universe, Alien Worlds, and more.

Like the games that are not free, a wide variety can be found in this category, being able to choose the scenario that best suits each player.


Where can you find NFT games?


If you are looking for  where to find NFT games , you have to know that there are several platforms for that. Each user is going to have to analyze which one he thinks is the one that offers him the best options according to his tastes and needs.

We are going to mention some of them so that you can know where to start looking. Among the platforms where these games can be found, we can distinguish Binance NFT, Rarity Tools, OpenSea, Nansen, CryptoSlam, NFT Bank, Play to Earn, among others.


What NFT games are coming out?


Among the  NFT games to come out  and that are eagerly awaited by their users, are Eterland, Ember Sword, Thetan Arena, Monsta Infinite, Aurory, Drunk Robots, Wanaka Farm, Block Monsters, Faraland, among others.


But, one game that is entering the world of NFTs and crypto gaming is  Lemon Odyssey , a next-gen MMORPG Play-2-Earn PVP NFT game with various factions within it. In  Lemon Odyssey you  can enjoy levels, get different types of  skins , cast spells, and even own pets to accompany you on your journey through the game. Soon you will be able to be part of Lemon Odyssey, an adventure in which you fight in the most epic battle in the history of the galaxy with NFTs

During the course of this year, each of these games is expected to appear on the market, increasingly expanding the offer in NFT games, so sought after today.


What are the most played NFT games today?

Among the top ten most played NFT games today  are Mines of Dalarnia, Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, My Neighbord Alice, Illuvium, The Sandbox, Darkspace, Mir4, Mobox and Axie Infinity.

All these, being the most chosen by the public, are the most profitable. They are in high demand by male and female gamers, which positions them as ten of the most profitable NFT games of all.

One last piece of information: if the demand is high, then its value also increases, thus allowing you to buy more cryptocurrencies through the cryptocurrency development company of each game's own and exclusive digital currencies, which a player acquires every time he wins a mission or overcomes an obstacle.