Understand The Effectiveness Of IT Staff Augmentation For Enterprise Benefit
IT staff augmentation is an effective, cost-efficient, and flexible resource hiring model to ensure development efficacy and speed.

Stay ahead of the curve by ensuring fast software development for clients with real-time support of resources. IT Staff augmentation is a result-oriented service land with professional staff on a contractual basis and leverages convenient work practices.

Several enterprises have leveraged the use of IT staff augmentation services to adapt to the growing demand for development efficiency. This IT resource hiring strategy allows the organization to have a more flexible, cost-effective, and experienced team ready in a few days. Most importantly, this move helps companies speed up the software development lifecycle and improve the deployment timelines.

With the growing popularity and widespread acceptance of remote working globally. IT professionals have the opportunity to work conveniently from any location and meet the work requirements with ease. It allows the professionals to collaborate on new projects and technological development under the same roof.

Well, all this happening with the growing emergence of staff augmentation services that are effective in several ways.

Short Introduction Of IT Staff Augmentation

IT contract staffing is one of the resource outsourcing models. Just like IT outsourcing services and managed services, augmenting staff is another option you have. Well, there is a difference between the three outsourcing models that will look at later in this blog. Meanwhile, focus on the basic understanding of staff augmentation.

As the name itself implies, companies can fill in the specific technical position for a particular project and technical requirement for a brief period. It's nothing to do with permanent hiring. With staff augmentation, hire technical talent for a short-term period and that too contractual basis. Moreover, assign specific tasks and goals to new augmenting members, define the timeline, and let them be part of your existing team.

This way of resource hiring strategy on a contractual basis does not just save enterprise-level costs. But also free from the hassle of the complex hiring process, time-consuming training, and managing several expenditures. In short, staff augmentation is your go-to resource hiring model with having an on-demand facility.

Know the Different Types of Staff Augmentation Services

There are different types of staff augmentation services types available to meet your diverse set of requirements.

  1. Team Augmentation: As the name itself implies, top staff augmentation companies in India offer you technical professional support to join your team. Hire one or more members working remotely as part of your team on a specific project along with having a defined timeline. Once the project is completed and deployed, you can scale down the team as per the requirement.
  2. Hiring a Dedicated Team: A dedicated means the IT outsourcing model that we already mentioned above. In this model, you get to hire a complete team of technical experts from an outsourcing partner and a project manager is assigned. This type of service is useful when you want everything to be developed by an expert team.
  3. Full Outsourcing: In this particular model, the service provider manages your existing technical team and adds more members, if required. This service is beneficial for companies who want to minimize their workload and allow expert professionals to handle the development part.
  4. Managed IT Services: With managed IT services, you can take the help of an established technical team with the service provider. It requires when you do not have a technical team of your own. Thus, this model allows you to rely completely on an external technical team to take care of your software development project.

Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

Few benefits associated with staff augmentation services are mentioned below:

  • Cost-effective: Staff augmentation helps save enterprise money to an optimum extent. It is due to hiring the contractual staff for a limited period and paying a fixed price. Therefore, no need to bear monthly expenditures and other maintenance costs of the employee.
  • Simplified hiring: IT contract staffing is an on-demand hiring process with no complexities and lengthy procedures involved. You need not spend much time finding, interviewing, and hiring the required source. Simply share your requirement with a staff augmentation service provider and hire immediately.
  • Scalable option: Augmentation allows you to customize your technical team as per the project requirement. You can hire developers to fill the gap and further scale down, once the project is delivered.
  • Complete control: Another benefit you experience with the IT staff augmentation is control. You have the flexibility to control your existing and augmented members with no intrusion from the service providers.


Staff augmentation is certainly an effective yet cost-efficient resource hiring model for companies to grow and expand. Just like other companies, you can also leverage the strategy to augment the required IT staff for a limited period. OrangeMantra is a leading staff augmentation company that offers on-demand technical resources to meet your gaps. Connect with the experts to state your requirements and hire developers, designers, testers, and engineers instantly.