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What to do if the sound is not working on your Mac

Mac without sound? Verify these details first with best macbook pro / mac mini Speaker Repair/ Replacement service provider in delhi

1. Examine the volume.

Even while it sounds straightforward, the first thing to be sure of is that the volume hasn’t been purposefully suppressed. To increase the sound volume, press the F12 key.

2. Could it be an app issue?

Your Mac may not be playing sound because it won’t do so in a certain app. If, for instance, a video in Safari isn’t playing sound, check to see if the audio isn’t muted by clicking the volume slider. To see if they can play sound, you need also check other sound sources like iTunes and QuickTime movies.

3. Execute upkeep scripts

Consider running CleanMyMac X’s and its utility called Maintenance scripts if you’ve concluded that your Mac’s sound is unquestionably broken. This programme is well-liked for Mac self-help troubleshooting. Maintenance scripts: What are they? By doing several operations like fixing disc permissions, checking your startup disc, and rebuilding the launch services database, these improve the performance of your Mac.

Mac volume not operating properly and remaining muted?

If the volume control is not working on your Mac, either using the keyboard or the slider in the menu bar or System Preferences, it could be ‘stuck’ on silent. The majority of Macs manufactured prior to 2015 with a headphone jack that supported digital audio output experience this issue.

Tip:- You can connect from the menu bar item if the option next to Display Bluetooth in the menu bar is checked in Bluetooth preferences. We are the best macbook pro / mac mini Speaker Repair/ Replacement service provider in delhi

After connecting your headphones or speakers, select them by clicking the volume control in the menu bar. Go to System Settings, select Sound, then the Output tab, and then select the Bluetooth speaker or headphones if the volume control isn’t visible on the menu bar. It’s a good idea to check the Show volume in the menu bar box while you’re there. It’s located under the Sound Effects tab.

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