Top 7 Most Essential Plugins for WordPress Websites
Striving to get the best yet essential plugins for your WordPress websites? Stay ahead of the curve by advancing your website functionality with the best plugins and growing your business.

Striving to get the best yet essential plugins for your WordPress websites? Stay ahead of the curve by advancing your website functionality with the best plugins and growing your business.

There are bundles of plugins are available for WordPress since the internet is dominated by WordPress websites. So, choosing the best and most essential plugins amongst them is challenging.

Hence, the website designing company in Delhi is here to help you out by listing the top WordPress website plugins, check out them!

All in One SEO:

We all know the importance of SEO, a good ranking not only boosts the website traffic but it has an impact on the business. Since it increases the conversion rate and sale leads as well, these are the only few things we have listed. You will come across many such things.

All in One SEO WordPress plugin is the most popular plugin of all time. There are many reasons behind it, which makes it preferred and most used for SEO. It offers comprehensive solutions for all SEO needs and has some incredible features that help in on=page SEO tactics.

This WordPress plugin is available in two versions, free and paid. So, it is more convenient for users with budget constraints.


Today data is the gem and most valuable thing for everyone, who wants to grow and succeed. But, extracting data from your website might be difficult and MonsterInsights made it a piece of cake for you. This plugin is best for you to connect the website with Google Analytics with ease, and monitor everything perfectly.

MonsterInsights is in 3 million websites today and the best part about this plugin is, it is available in free and paid, but the paid version has real power. Also, this plugin brings insights to your WordPress dashboard, which means you don’t need to search in multiple places.

iThemes Security

The website designing company in Delhi believes that WordPress is the most targeted by hackers, though WordPress is continuously upgrading security patches to safeguard the users' data and trust.

However, iThemes Security is an essential plugin for your website to keep it secured and safe from hackers and other threats. You get multiple protection such as database backups, strong password enforcement, file change monitoring, etc.


You never know, when important data gets deleted or corrupted for multiple reasons. So, getting a backup becomes very important to sustain the data anytime. WordPress gives you the backup but to be on the safer side having a plugin is a plus.

UpdraftPlus is a backup plugin, which saves all your data instantly with ease. Using this plugin you are can be stress and hassle-free.


SeMRush is a popular platform known for comprehensive marketing. Likewise, you get a toolkit that helps you in marketing and building strategy.

The website designing company in Delhi believes that one cannot grow the business with help of marketing. Hence, using this toolkit you can perform various marketing tactics, such as finding keywords, watching out for competitors, monitoring brand mentions, and much more.


Which site doesn’t require a contact form? Every website needs a contact form, where they not only connect with prospects but also collect their data to stay connected and this helps the businesses to retain them.

However, the website designing company in Delhi believes that forms on sites should be simple and short, which helps the prospects to fill the form with ease and this helps in reducing the bounce rate. For one such, we are sharing with you one of the most essential WordPress website plugins called WPForms to help you build an easy and short form for your website. And by using this plugin you can have complete control over the forms.

WP AutoTerms:

This is the critical and essential WordPress plugin since terms and conditions is one such thing that most of websites need but many don’t know much about it. So, providing the proper information (T&C) is important.

Using WP AutoTerms you can easily create a T&C page and information for your website. All you need to do is enter the few important information and get it created for your website.

Final thoughts:

These are the essential WordPress website plugins that we think everyone should be include in their cart.