Tips for getting team Motivated on long term projects
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”

For every project manager, the important skill is the management of the project and team with having the potential to motivate your team. The more skilled the project manager is in motivation, the exhausted are the long-lasting projects but it becomes easier for the entire team for handling the situation.

The question is how and to which extend the project manager should be motivated? The answer to this for someone might be natural and someone might struggle for finding out the right words and right ways to engage your employees so that they are always ready to put their 100% effort on all the projects. So here are the 5 tips to keep your team motivated on long term projects so that they can handle these situations and remain motivated :

  • Increase their commitment power

Explaining how finishing the project benefits both the company and your team is the most simplest way to do so. Not keeping the benefits in the mind by the team members during the work might be surprising , but actually this happens.During the work some of them don’t know about them because they are told of not to remember and some of them don’t keep them in mind every time but know about it. In this case reminding them about the benefits can increase their motivation to do the project and this increases their power to do commitments.

  • Rewarding them for good Work

Giving rewards to team members are not only for the good work but also for many other reasons.Many other reasons can be first performance of team was great achieving the desired results. Second can be that the efforts and hardwork done by the team members are noticeable and remarkable. Sometimes it is necessary to compliment the people for making them feel more motivated.

  • Setting up Realistic Goals

The worst thing that can be done with a team is getting them overloaded with the work which they can’t handle.Starting up with the new project might lead to excitement and positive. Also might lead to setting up the goals that are not realistic. There is nothing awful in making this mistake as these can be made by anyone.

In this case try to reset your goals into the realistic goals and reevaluate your plans so that your team member don’t get exhausted and demotivated while doing the project.

  • Measuring the Performance

Need to understand whether the project is doing as planned or any additional time is required to do it . Also needs to understand whether the goals are achieved or not. Also tracking the progress in the first place is very important.

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