SOT23 Vs. SOT323
A small outline transistor (SOT) is a discrete surface mount transistor with a small footprint that is extensively used in consumer electronics. SOT23 versions are the most common, although manufacturers also provide the nearly identical thin tiny outline transistor (TSOT) package, which is useful when height is a concern.

What Is The Difference Between SOT23 And SOT323?


SOT23 vs SOT323 Overview

SOT23 and SOT323 are both plastic and surface-mounted packages. SOT23 owns 3 terminals, 1.9mm pitch, 2.9mm x 1.33mm x 1mm body, while SOT323 boasts 3 leads, 1.3mm pitch, 2mm x 1.25mm x 0.95mm body.


SOT23 vs SOT323 Pinout


SOT23 and SOT323 Differences In Feature

1.Two-line bidirectional ESD protection For CAN-Bus applications and interface ESD protection

2. Compact SOT-323 and SOT-23 packages

3. Low package height:

-SOT-323: 1.1mm

-SOT-23: 1.2mm

4. AEC-Q101 qualified versions available

5. Working range:

-VCAN16A2: ±16V

-VCAN33A2: ± 33V

6. Low leakage current: <0.05μA

7. Low load capacitance typical CD:

-VCAN16A2: ±16V, <18.5pF at 0V

-VCAN33A2: ±33V, <9.7pF at 0V

8. ESD protection acc. IEC 61000-4-2:

-±30kV contact discharge

-±30kV air discharge

9. Soldering can be checked by standard vision inspection (AOI = automated optical inspection)

10. e3 – pins plated with tin (Sn)


The Package Outlines of SOT323 and SOT23

sot23 package.png


SOT23 Package Outline




The Parameters Of SOT23 Package 


sot323 package.png


SOT323 Package Outline




The Parameters Of SOT23 Package 

The Soldering Differences in SOT23 and SOT323

Reflow Soldering





Wave Soldering