Raiser’s Edge vs Dynamics 365: Why Dynamics 365 is A Better Choice
Compare Dynamics 365 vs Raiser's Edge To Find Your Best ERP System Today. This Post Tells You Which ERP Provides Better Solutions To Streamline Your Businesses.

We have compared Dynamics 365 and Raiser’s Edge for its suitability for non-profit organizations. Dynamics 365 is a great app to run your business; it is easy to integrate and provides many features to streamline your business. Raiser’s edge on the other hand is difficult to use and can be difficult for new users. If you are a non-profit organisation looking forward to efficient donor management tools then you must know that the first step is to understand your needs. Fundraising processes can vary from one organisation to another and in this regard, findings the right CRM solution that would befit your unique needs is indeed a difficult task. If you are running a non-profit organisation you must often face the confusion of choosing the best software for your organisation. In this ever-evolving era, everyone seeks a secure, future-oriented, and flexible way to ensure a smooth run of their organisation. Many people use Raiser’s Edge for their non-profit organisations however, with in the ever-evolving economy and with the advancement of technology the said software does not cater to the dynamic needs of organisations. In comparison, Dynamic 365 provides a more versatile experience to non-profit organisations especially those who want to use CRM softwares for fundraising. Considering the roles of the two software including Raiser’s Edge and Dynamic 365, you should prefer the latter especially if you are planning to use these softwares for fundraising.

Reason of Preference

Raiser’s Edge

Dynamic 365

Unparalleled Data Security

There are reports of security breaches regarding Raiser’s edge so it is not a safe option especially if you want to use it for fundraising.

No reports of security breaches; your data is safe for fundraising

Cost Effective

Raiser’s Edge Costs 500$ Per month which is not suitable for non-profit organisations

Dynamic 365 Costs 65$ only, which makes it a very suitable option for non-profit fundraising organisations.

SaaS instead of legacy software


Still requires their clients to host their database on Citrix or any other VPN.

Dynamics 365 is SaaS and as a result runs on multi-tenant architecture.

Increased functionality 


Raiser’s Edge is specially designed for medium-sized organisations

Dynamic 365 is designed for industries of all types and supports all small and large-sized organisations.

Superior agility and integration


Raiser’s Edge provides limited functions to its users and as a result organisations have to adapt their business according to the software.

Dynamics 365 offers tools which can adapt to the changing development, communication and marketing needs.

Specialized implementation partners


Raiser’s Edge does not provide implementation partners to the affiliated organisations.

Dynamics 365 provides a community platform to its users where organisations can find implementation partners to expand their business.

Superior Features

Raiser’s Edge has limited features

Dynamic 365 is feature rich

Customer Size

Specifically for medium-sized organisations

For all types of organisations

If you are looking for advanced software for your organisation choose Dynamic 365 as it allows you to innovate, move ahead, and evolve according to the changing economic conditions. With the help of Microsoft Dynamic 365 you can give your organization access to the business intelligent they need to grow.