3 Alternatives To Gmail You May Not Have Considered
There are some good alternatives that you could use apart from Google's Gmail. This post has all you need to know

3 Alternatives To Gmail You May Not Have Considered


You're undoubtedly already familiar with the major players in the email marketing space, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and AOL. 


However, if you're not completely happy with your current email solution, it may be worthwhile to investigate some of the many alternative options available. 


If you're looking for an alternative to Gmail, here are three you might not have considered. 


(If you're currently using one of these services instead of Gmail, feel free to go on to the next item on the list.)

Why use Gmail?


For what purposes do you use Gmail? You probably use Gmail due of its user-friendliness, effective spam filters, and ability to communicate with other widely used applications.


When you start to look more critically at the corporation, it's crucial to discover an alternative to Gmail if your reasons for using it are typical of the ones given by other Gmail users.


While this company may have humble beginnings, it has grown into a major player in the email industry.


If you're concerned about your email's safety, you may want to switch to a service like Outlook or Yahoo! Mail instead of Gmail.


Microsoft Outlook


Outlook is Microsoft's email service which is designed for businesses rather than personal users. 

Yahoo! Mail does not offer nearly as much storage space as Gmail (1 GB) or the ability to delete messages from your inbox after 30 days. 

For some people, this limitation might be frustrating so it would be worth trying one of these services out before switching over completely. 

If security and unlimited storage are two major considerations when deciding on an alternative to Gmail then consider using Zoho Mail instead which offers both features without having a price tag attached to them. 


While Gmail remains the most widely used email service, here are three more services to think considering trying out, whether you're searching for a change or just curious about what else is out there.


Since NextCloud is a self-hosted solution, it's free so long as you maintain your own server.


Having this system on your own computer means that only you have access to your data, and it doesn't require any sort of password protection.


It also contains in-built activity controls that can be used to prevent unsupervised users (like children) from accessing adult content in the event that they attempt to do so through the browser.

Zoho Mail


Zoho Mail is a business-focused alternative to Gmail. 


The cool thing about Zoho Mail is that you can use your own domain name, which comes with the added bonus of access to a more robust set of security and privacy tools than other free email services. 


It's important to note that there are no POP3 or IMAP capabilities with Zoho Mail, so for users who have an investment in those programs it may not be a great fit. 


It might also be worth noting that if you're looking for simple organization options, like archiving emails into folders, then Zoho Mail might not suit your needs. 


But for anyone who needs things like live chat or basic CRM integration, then this could make a good alternative to Gmail.




Tutanota is an excellent option that competes with Gmail. In addition to being a free service, this email provider also offers robust encryption.

Your conversations are secure from prying eyes, including those of Tutanota staff, because of the end-to-end encryption and because user data is not stored on their systems.


The best part about this email service is that it uses cutting-edge security measures to safeguard your messages and provides you with a single inbox that you can access from any location and any device.


A major drawback of Tutanota is the inability to import your previous emails from other services, such as Outlook or Thunderbird.


If this isn't an issue for you, then Gmail is great, but if you're looking for something different, try Tutanota.

The pros and cons of each alternative.

-  Outlook is the most popular alternative to Gmail since it offers standard functions like email, calendars, and notes.


Nonetheless, it lacks the advantages provided by other options thanks to their interfaces with third-party services.


As an added downside, after the trial period is over, Outlook's premium service comes with a hefty annual subscription.


Not advised unless you have a significant financial investment in Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products that require Office 365 subscriptions.

-  The second alternative to Gmail is Fastmail which offers a free trial and only costs money if you want enhanced support or extra storage capacity - it comes with 6GB free and more than enough for most people's needs.


Fastmail also lets you switch from one email address to another within the same account without losing your emails. 


Like Outlook, Fastmail doesn't integrate with other apps, but it does come close with integration options for IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV protocols. 


Fastmail also offers a web interface that lets you access your email on any device, so you can easily reply to messages while on the go. 

The downside is the lack of mobile app options compared to Gmail's seamless integration with Android phones and iPhones. 


- Last but not least, there's ProtonMail, an email service that uses open-source cryptography to encrypt all messages sent and received (read: no proprietary code).


The free edition offers 500 MB of space and 5 daily message attachments; extra capacity can be purchased as needed for a low fee, starting at just $5 per month.


Right present, there aren't a lot of other options for people who are extremely privacy-conscious (or who need to convey important information), so this is definitely your best bet.



In conclusion, there are three other email providers that you could be using but are probably unaware of. 

Investigate some of the other choices presented if you are seeking for an email provider that can cater to your specific requirements.