In the Ukraine-Russian War, a drone attack on a Russian bomber base results in three fatalities
According to Moscow, three people were killed in a Ukrainian drown attack on the Engels bomber base in southern Russia.
Russia-Ukraine War

The airbase, which houses strategic bombers, was the target of a similar strike, according to Russia, on December 5. The base is located roughly 500 kilometers northeast of the Ukrainian border. The Ukrainian drone was shot down by Russian air defenses, according to the Russian defense department, at around 01:35 a.m. local time on Monday. According to the report, three Russian service members were killed by drone debris. People on social media had posted videos of what looked like explosions and air raid sirens at the Engels airstrip.

In the previous reported attack on the airfield and another air facility in the Ryazan region on December 5, three other servicemen were also killed by drone debris, according to Moscow at the time. Two aircraft had minor damages. The Ukrainian military, meanwhile, remained silent over the alleged assaults.

Since Moscow began its full-scale invasion on February 24, the Russian military has frequently launched missile attacks on numerous targets in Ukraine from the Engels air base. The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of attacking Russian territory in the past, but the alleged attacks in December are said to be more dangerous.