The humanity has been constantly developing for hundreds of years in order to create a well-balanced and peaceful civilization.

On their way, people have encountered different disasters and difficulties, and urgent problems concerning every sphere of their life still exist. Educational issues concerning the social and gender discrimination described in government essay topics, ignorance, poverty, viruses, abuse, and non-curable diseases are only several of these problems, which affect the humanity. People keep trying to find the solution before it is too late in order to make the human society better.

First, general education in the United States is well-developed. However, the number of people with general education and people, who have an opportunity to gain it, is rather small. For example, as of 2016, only 22,7 percent of individuals over 25 had general education (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016). This number has declined since 2010 when it was 24,7 percent. Unfortunately, it is not the only problem, because social and racial inequality still exists in the modern world and in the educational sphere, as well. According to the figures from the educational attainment tables provided by the U.S. Census Bureau (2016), the decrease in the number of the Blacks with less than 12 years of school is about 50 percent if comparing the results of 1970 and 2010. Nevertheless, a big gap between the white and black graduates still exists; the black students still lag behind the white ones.

Besides, there are much more factors that affect the education level in the country. One of them is the difference in the technology available to students. This problem is closely connected to the poverty and class divisions. Unfortunately, the best technologies are not available to every student, and it is a common problem not only in the USA but also in the whole world. Surely, this issue cannot affect the students’ future in a good way. First, it makes the process of learning primitive and boring and worsens the quality of education, as well. New multimedia technologies may increase the amount and quality of knowledge students gain. Moreover, it is essential to provide all learners with the best technologies in spite of their social status. The main reason is that each country needs qualified specialists in different fields.

In addition, the humanity should not forget about the outcomes of the differences in educational attainment between men and women. The history provides the facts that in the recent past, such gender discrimination was a common issue in the society that did not allow women to get a proper education. Even though much has changed, such practices exist in several countries even today. Undoubtedly, this division based on gender causes a threat to the high level of general education in any country. However, the priorities have changed during the last century, and this problem has been partially solved. Nowadays, more and more women continue their education and have an opportunity to work with men on equal terms. This tendency has mostly positive outcomes, because qualified specialists are always in need, in spite of their gender. Also, teams of both men and women appear to be more successful. However, there are still several professions, which depend on gender.

Unfortunately, apart from social problems, people face different diseases and humanitarian disasters. The Plague was one of the greatest tragedies for the humanity many years ago when people had no treatment. However, even now, there are many problems, with which people have to deal constantly. AIDS, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, obesity, cancer, alcoholism, and smoking are only several of burning health problems of the modern world. Also, people in developing countries suffer from famine and the lack of pure drinking water. It may seem that modern technologies and different organizations are able to deal with such issues, but unfortunately, these problems remain persistent. Surely, some diseases can be cured, while others cannot be, but the humanity keeps looking for the treatment and ways to make the modern society healthier.

The thing is that new health problems keep appearing in the world. It happens due to ecological catastrophes and other factors, which may influence people’s living conditions and their health. In the last decades, different viruses have been posing a considerable threat to humanity. Therefore, scientists were looking for an effective vaccine. These viruses caused many troubles to the entire world and there was hardly any country, which was not affected by the negative consequences of the same. Swine and avian influenza viruses, Zika virus, and the Ebola outbreak are the most well-known disasters, which caused international concern. Although some of them exist only in certain parts of the world, these viruses are extremely dangerous and may be the reason for numerous deaths.

However, the viruses are not the only health problem today. Due to the urbanization, the growth of technology, and the rise of the Internet, the world became a smaller but more dangerous place. Unfortunately, today, most people, especially teenagers and children, have free access to drugs. It means that the abuse of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs, has also become one of the most urgent health concerns.

Although all countries face different health problems, some of them struggle more. The reason for this reality is the economic situation. As a rule, developing countries need help in fighting against different health problems. The level of poverty is incredibly high there; these people live under unhygienic conditions without pure water and usually suffer from famine. All these factors increase the risk of being infected. Therefore, people from poor countries face health problems more often than residents of the rich and well-developed countries do.

The humanity is not able to solve the most urgent problems concerning health and social life completely. New issues will appear constantly. Only if the humanity is aware and keeps improving, it will manage to deal with all these problems and make the world a better place to live.