Are LinkedIn Ads Beneficial?- How to Run LinkedIn Ads- The Right Way
How to Run LinkedIn Ads campaign on LinkedIn using Sponsored Content, Message Ads, video ads and Text Ads. LinkedIn campaign manager can help you elevate your company strategy

LinkedIn ads


Are LinkedIn ads still effective? Is it worth spending money on LinkedIn ads? Are they worth pursuing as a digital marketing opportunity?

Such countless computerized stages arose with the time elapsing for promoting, and LinkedIn has been in the business for a seriously lengthy timespan. Thus, the inquiry remains whether it is still however viable as it might have been before.


Once you have LinkedIn Campaign Manager, With the evolving times, patterns changes, and thus do the calculation of our essential social media pages. Furthermore, the effectiveness of promoting or showcasing, all in all, has seriously been impacted by specific elements, including:

       User base


       Quality of Audience

       Industrial Dynamics

       Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

It's been eight years since we have been excelling in our expertise in LinkedIn advertisement, and the answer to this question is neither yes nor no. It all depends on certain factors that we will discuss further in this article.

We work with many clients, and as per our experience, the average demand is driving more website traffic and building brand awareness through LinkedIn, as it is an eminent platform for businesses, to begin with.

If you relate to the above statement, you might have also searched for "how much does LinkedIn ads cost?" or "how effective is LinkedIn premium?"

The type of your business, the customer base, and profitability are a few factors that determine the effectiveness of the LinkedIn advertisement. So before answering this question thoroughly, we should consider why LinkedIn ads?

Why LinkedIn Ads?

Since LinkedIn stands at the position of 830 million active users(dated 17-08-2022), who are currently engaging with the professionals in their field, it becomes easier to target people based on their field, skill sets, company name of which they are working in, looking at the company pages and their alumni, connect with them to gain more insights.

A wide array of prospects gets unlocked, which simplifies and accelerates the process of lead generation and has the ability to become a revenue stream for your organization.


TIP 2: LINKEDIN AD IMAGE DIMENSIONS: Individual image specifications should be 1080 by 1080 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Now, your focus gets diverted towards whether or not your target audience is being reached.

The target audience or LinkedIn users mainly uses this platform to advance their careers or make their professional social status firm. 

So, if your product or service is what precisely these people on LinkedIn are looking for, you can definitely opt for LinkedIn ads but only with a second thought.

How to find if LinkedIn Ads are Suitable for Your Product/Business?

Now that you got to know why you should choose LinkedIn ads, you will have to have a strong grasp of the knowledge of whether or not your product or business is suitable for your business.

Education or knowledge is essential for all, and the lack of knowledge might be one reason people are not interested in your business. Hence, creating interest within your peers or so-called LinkedIn prospects is crucial, and this can be done only via:

       Content(LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads)



Whenever you target people with ads, you always hope for their interest in what you are posting or what you have to offer. 

LinkedIn marketing is a form of disruptive marketing, and your ads are placed on users' feeds without their permission, unlike Google, where your ads only appear when someone searches for them.

Following this, another question arises: Can your product or services endure LinkedIn advertisements' longer, nurturing-focused sales cycle?

Businesses with lesser transaction amounts or lower profits will have difficulty realizing a favorable return on their investments due to LinkedIn's increased prices.

You will need a sufficiently enormous arrangement size eventually to assist with counterbalancing your forthright expense to guarantee a profit from your promotion spend.

SAAS organizations, software solutions, innovation organizations, and other B2B firms with bigger arrangement measures frequently make the most progress with LinkedIn promotions.

LinkedIn Ads Costing: How Much Needs to be Invested?

LinkedIn advertisement

"Ads for Any Budget" might be the motto of LinkedIn advertisement; terms and conditions can never be left out.

Similarly, as LinkedIn promotions are a superior fit for organizations with bigger sizes, they are likewise a superior fit for organizations with bigger financial plans. I'm not saying that you can't promote on LinkedIn with a more modest spending plan; you will simply have to change your assumptions around execution and achievement.

For LinkedIn, the factors mentioned below matter the most regarding cost.

A. Target Audience: Higher audience simply incurs higher costs. With limited targeting options depending on your business, given the worth, LinkedIn doles out the crowd and how much contest.

B. Bidding: Like Google, during the sale cycle, you just compensate $0.01 more than your rival's offer. However, the amount you will pay will be a deciding variable in your general expense (higher contest = greater expense per click). Intending that if your rival will pay $2.50 for a click and you will pay $3.00, you will bag the deal, and LinkedIn will just charge you $2.51 for the click.

C. Relevancy Score: The number of clicks determines the value of your ad and its relevancy to the audience; the ad will be showcased to the audience as per their desires and specific algorithm. For instance, if a LinkedIn user is more into the automobile industry and has shared a few relatable posts on his account, the ads related to the automobile industry will show up.

If you are a company that's bearing a healthy gross margin throughout the year with a profit rate exceeding positive growth, your advertisement costs can range from $3000-$5000.

Most Suitable Type of Advertisement

Since you know how much to spend, now the question arises as to where to spend and how to spend.

You simply cannot spend money on advertising on any form of ppc ads. The following ad format mentioned below can be one of the most suitable ones as per your business type; the choice is yours.

#1 Text Ads

These are displayed on important LinkedIn pages such as user profile pages, dropdown menus, search terms, and group sites.

#2 Sponsored Content

A sort of paid ad called LinkedIn sponsored content ads enables businesses to share Page updates with those who aren't already following their LinkedIn Page.

Only existent members can see tailored LinkedIn Page upgrades, which are complimentary and only accessible on the page or in their feed.

#3 Video Ads

 The most interactive form of advertisement, LinkedIn video ads are not just popular on Google but also on LinkedIn. Because a message is always convenient to convey with videos


#4 Inmails

 LinkedIn sponsored content ads

Inmails, or rather Inbox Mails, are Message Ads in the format of emails that you can creatively curate and send it directly to LinkedIn users. This is only possible with LinkedIn premium.

TIP 3: Using Google Wallet can be a better way to pay.

LinkedIn Ad Major Terms to Remember

Since ads are of several other kinds, there are a few of the vitals that you ought to remember to smoothen your marketing process through LinkedIn. So let's endure and learn more:

i. Conversion Rate(CR)- CR or Conversion rate reveals the percentage of your attentive audience who completed the intended activity.

This is an excellent sign of your offer.

ii. Click-Through- Rate- CTR is a way to reveal your ads' engagement or interest. The higher the CTR, the more engaging audience and vice versa.

iii. Cost Per Acquisition- CPA tells us how much it costs while acquire one lead or customer. CPC should always be considered in terms of the revenue generated.

LinkedIn can help with the Journey, but it's unlikely to be your primary source of conversions.

To be clear, this does not imply that effective LinkedIn advertising won't result in financial gain.


Consider it as a long-term strategy: Using LinkedIn is similar to that.

Perhaps your initial conversion rates won't be as high, but the LinkedIn platform is excellent for engaging, exciting, and even ascending (all of which are essential for the CVJ).

We are also eager to assist you because we have noticed how much our LinkedIn advertising has helped with our Customer Value Journey.

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