Top 10 Sports Shoes Brands In The UK
The right footwear is essential when getting your sweat on

Top 10 Sports Shoes Brands In The UK


The right footwear is essential when getting your sweat on. Whether you're into CrossFit, jogging, walking, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), kick-boxing, or just generally like to stay active, you'll want to choose something designed for working out. "When we exercise, our feet absorb pressure, up to four times our body's weight," explains NYC-based podiatrist Dr. Casey Ann Pidich. "If I'm advising a patient on a sneaker purchase, I usually tell them to look for a sneaker with adequate cushioning to absorb that force."

Dr. Marion Yau, a podiatrist based in the UK, says this ensures your foot is protected when hitting the ground during high-impact motions. According to Dr. Chanel Perkins, DPM, other "important features of athletic shoes include breathability, durability, flexibility, stability, and support—just to name a few.

The athletic footwear industry is booming in the US, with the top 15 sports shoes brands dominating the US market. This astonishing growth is attributed to the wave of health-consciousness sweeping through the population. Fitness-conscious customers, people popularizing athleisure as a style, gym goers, and people who use sportswear during mild fitness routines are looking for the most functional, comfortable and robust athletic footwear to lace up.

1: Nike

Incorporated on September 8, 1969, this American multinational corporation has long been dominating the athletic footwear market in the US. It’s also one of the best sports shoes brands in the world. The sportswear giant with its Just Do It slogan has captured a huge share of the US market and is a leading footwear brand around the world for products that include athletic apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories. Lately, Nike has been struggling to gain a strong footing on its home turf, where shoppers are flooded with options from rivals Under Armour and adidas.

However, the company has seen much success overseas in countries like China, which continues to boost its business. Although adidas is in a neck-and-neck race with Nike in the US and everywhere else, the latter is still leading the global market and is holding onto its number one spot strongly.



2:  adidas

This Germany-based multinational corporation designs and develops athletic products such as sports shoes, clothing, and accessories and is one of the top two largest sportswear brands in the world. However, adidas lags behind its bigger opponent, Nike, particularly in the all-important US market. But adidas is hot on the leader’s tail, notching up a sales growth of more than 30% in the US last year.

In 2017, the company succeeded in reviving its classic sneakers and tapping into a desire for retro chic footwear. With its brilliant understanding of customer demand and incredible marketing strategy, Adidas AG surpassed Jordan, a popular brand by Nike, and Under Armour to take the number two position in the global athletic footwear market.


3: Under Armour

Under Armour, Inc. is a leading American sporting products manufacturer that supplies casual and athletic apparel, as well as footwear. Although it was founded in 1996 and is consequently a much younger brand than established athletic industry leaders adidas and Nike, Under Armour has been successfully holding the third position in the list of the best sports shoes brands in the US for quite a while now.


The success of Under Armour is attributed to its eco-friendly operations, innovative use of fabric technologies, and high brand recognition from both local communities and professional athletes. However, the company has been struggling to compete in North America, where demand for its products hasn’t been as strong as expected. That’s against a backdrop of companies such as Nike, adidas, and up-starts like Outdoor Voices competing for market share.



Skechers is currently one of the largest sports shoes brands in the US. Founded in 1992, this American lifestyle and sports footwear company has been a strong contender, though often overshadowed by other sportswear giants like adidas and Nike. However, over the last few years sales at Skechers have been soaring, and in 2016 the company recorded a fiscal revenue of US$3.56 billion.

Recently, Skechers has benefited from the athleisure trend in US retail, with shoppers purchasing sport-style shoes and clothes regardless of whether they plan to work out in them. Despite its record-breaking growth in recent years, Skechers still has plenty of scope to grow.


5: New Balance

While many well-known sports shoes brands like Adidas and Nike manufacture their products overseas, the Boston-based athletic footwear brand New Balance continues to manufacture its creative and popular sneakers such as the 990 model in the United States. One key to New Balance’s growth in the US footwear market is offering something that cannot be accomplished as quickly when sourcing from overseas: customization. New Balance is the only sportswear brand in the US to manufacture over 4 million pairs of sports footwear every year.

6: ASICS Corporation

Headquartered in Kobe, Japan, ASICS Corporation manufactures and sells sportswear and sports equipment worldwide. ASICS products are best known for their technical precision and adherence to rigorous quality control. The company underwent a transformation program last year that included investing in branded environments with retailers, a sharpening of its marketing campaign and building digital marketing capabilities.

ASICS has recorded a surge in e-commerce and in-store sales since it wound up its transformation scheme. This Japanese sports footwear and apparel brand is now striving to join the rush of shoemakers looking to expand their business footprints in prime US markets like Boston.

7: Saucony

Founded in 1898, Saucony is an American brand based in Lexington, Massachusetts that manufactures apparel and footwear for men and women. The company offers casual, trail running, racing, and walking shoes through its online portal. On April 3, 2018, Saucony teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts, a Massachusetts-based doughnut company, to manufacture a ‘strawberry-frosted-donut-themed’ shoe to honor the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon. The Saucony X Dunkin’ Kinvara 9 comes packed in a donut box and the heel of the shoe is covered in rainbow sprinkles.


8: Avia

Avia is an American footwear and apparel company that specializes in yoga products, running and lifestyle shoes, activewear, and accessories. Avia has been changing the fitness and athletics industry, from the Cantilever sole that transformed footwear, to the wicking technology in its apparel. The company was founded by Jerry Stubblefield in 1979 and is currently a subsidiary of the Sequential Brands Group. Avia is well known for the cutting-edge technologies built into its shoes, including the Anatomical Rebound Cradle (ARC), Avia’s FOM technology, and the aforementioned Cantilever Heel.

9: British Knights

British Knights is a popular shoe brand that was launched by a New York-based footwear retailer as a fashionable alternative to performance sportswear brands. This brand has positioned itself as music-driven, and thus is famous with the predominantly streetwise young people. By introducing 4-5 new shoes to its already extensive collection annually, the brand has become extremely popular with 15-to-25-year-old males in urban communities. Today, British Knights is one of the leading athletic footwear brands in the US in terms of popularity.

10: Brooks Sports

Founded in 1914, Seattle-based Brooks Sports (also known as Brooks Running) originally manufactured footwear for a broad range of sports. However, the company made a strategic decision in 2001 to focus on only running shoes within the sports retail market, and the brand never looked back. Last year, Brooks reported double-digit revenue growth, driven by the robust sales of the company’s shoes for avid runners, including Adrenaline and Brooks’ Ghost footwear models. The company recently launched what it calls its most innovative shoe, the Levitate.