Everything About Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is practiced primarily for the charm of the unreachable underwater world. It is an area of ​​nature that humanity could not completely control and we cannot breathe underwater.

Everything About Scuba Diving

You may be fascinated by Goa's beaches, but there are vast marine life awaiting exploration beneath the waves. And this magical underwater area is much more exciting than the beach only when diving a few meters below the surface. The shallow waters around the Goa islands  are perfect for  diving. These are some of the best deep sea diving in Goa that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Scuba diving is practiced primarily for the charm of the unreachable underwater world. It is an area of ​​nature that humanity could not completely control and we cannot breathe underwater. Therefore, diving gives you the opportunity to be in this underwater world, even  for a limited  time.

1. Best scuba diving in goaGoa is a hub for water sports activities. And you never have the option to book a place for yourself and your friends / family. One of the most desirable places to dive in Goa  is  Grande Island. People tend to be attracted to this place because of the crowd and the equipment provided there. But that's not the only option. If you miss  this place, you still have a lot of options.

2. Scuba diving cost in goaGoa dives start at a minimum of 1500 Indian Rupees in the low season. Diving costs can rise to Rs 3,500 during the high season from November to February. The cost of scuba diving  in Gore increases with longer periods of activity.

3. AdventuresDiving and water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, speed boating, flyboarding, bumper riding and banana riding are famous adventurous water sports in goa. that you can practice on the beaches and grand islands of North  and South Goa. Whitewater Deep Sea Diving on Goa's Grand Island  is our specialty with professionally trained certified paddy trainers and live high resolution HD video / photography of the diving experience. Triple dive in time for the first diver. Dolphin sightseeing, boating and barbecue are free.

4. South goa scuba divingScuba diving in South Goa is the best of all Goa scuba diving. The coast of South Goa is home to a wide variety of marine life. In South Goa,  Vasco Dagama heads to Fort Side. There you will witness some amazing water wonders. Dive into the stunning clear waters, relax near the fort and enjoy stunning sunset views. South Goa has all beautiful and beautiful beaches. In South Goa, diving begins at Baina Beach. For diving, take a boat from Bina Beach to Fort Sight Dive. Baina Beach is the only place to dive in South Goa. Baina Beach is close to Colva Beach, Myorda, Mover and Palolem Beach. Diving on Grande Island is one of Goa's most famous diving spots.

5.Scuba Diving in North Goa

Calangute  Beach-Many operators offer diving trails at  Calangute Beach. Diving is assisted by experienced divers and appropriate safety equipment. Students receive scuba diving training as well as accreditation.

Baga Beach-Enjoy the fun of scuba diving at Baga Beach in North Goa. You can encounter a wide variety of marine life and coral formation

Sail Rock-Sail Rock is a rocky peak protruding from the surface of the sea. When you jump off a rocky mountain and jump under it, Aquatic creatures that thrive in    the Goa sea.

Turbo Tunnel-This narrow waterway between the island and the rocks is another great dive spot on Grande Island water sports. The powerful forces of the waves  take you to the underwater paradise of Surge City, a region of huge rocks and sand.

6. Island in goa for scuba divingSouth Goa's Famous Grande Island is the safest place to  dive due to its shallow, clear water. With its beautiful beaches, Grand Island is a great place to  dive and meet aquatic life. Dive into the aquatic underwater world of the famous water sports spot of exotic aquatic life.