What is a two way zone valve?
A two-way zone valve can switch between two different flow rates or pressures. It's ideal for applications requiring the control of the flow of gas, water, oil, or steam.

What is a two way zone valve?

A two-way zone valve controls the flow of water in both directions, allowing you to create a wide range of water flow patterns. This types of valve is ideal for use in areas where water flow direction must be controlled, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

How a two way zone valve works

Water and air can flow in opposite directions through a two-way zone valve. This type of valve is commonly used to control pressure in a small space, such as a pipe or tank.

Benefits of using a two way zone valve

A two-way valve allows controlled flow of water in either direction. They are used in situations where two distinct water systems must be coordinated, such as between a kitchen and a laundry room. They can also be used to regulate water pressure in areas with limited flow, such as a bathroom sink.


Some of the advantages of using a two-way controlling zone valve are as follows:

-By allowing you to control how much water goes into specific areas, they can help to reduce water waste.

-By preventing cross contamination, they can help to ensure that both systems are functioning properly.

-They can aid in water conservation by regulating the amount of water used.


A two-way zone valve is a type of valve that controls the flow of water in both directions. This allows for more accurate water distribution, which is useful when making adjustments on a regular basis. Zone valves with alarm and LED display  come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there's bound to be one that meets your requirements.